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asiCast 65 – Current challenges in US media research

In this asiCast Jane Clarke, CEO and Managing Director of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) in the US, discusses with our Research Director Richard Marks some of the hot topics that are front of mind with CIMM members. This includes reference to the recent Nielsen reporting of Netflix… Read more

Game-changing papers at the 2017 asi International Conferences in Nice

This year saw the first presentation of an award for best paper at the asi International Radio & Audio Conference. An award has been presented over a number of years now at the International Television & Video conference, generously sponsored by RSMB in honour of the late, great Tony Twyman.… Read more

Describing Toast to a Martian

Everyone’s an expert in two things, their own job and advertising. Everyone has a point of view and at a time when we all have a social media presence it’s easy to confuse that with being an expert. Expertise has unfortunately become devalued; the prevailing sentiment is that my view… Read more

The 2017 asi Conferences in Nice summed up in just six words

Attempting to summarise the range of topics covered at an asi conference can be an intimidating task. As Research Director I do have the advantage of having seen and reviewed the papers beforehand. I am also a judge for the best papers, and manning the asi twitter feed means I… Read more

asiCast 64 – Data science meets audience research: Part 2

The first part of this extended interview with Steve Wilcox, the Managing Director of RSMB, had concentrated on the range of skill sets needed to be drawn upon to make any sense of the volume of data now available to us. In this second part our Research Director, Richard Marks,… Read more

asiCast 63 – Data science meets audience research: Part 1

In this asiCast we put two highly-respected members of our audience research community together in the same room to discuss the challenges the industry faces. Our Research Director Richard Marks speaks with Steve Wilcox, managing Director of RSMB, about the growing popularity of the term ‘data science’ and asks whether… Read more

asiCast 62 – The future of television: connected and converged?

This asiCast discusses how television is likely to develop in the near future. Graham Lovelace, asi’s Media Technologies Director, discusses the prospects with Nigel Walley, CEO of Antenna Group. The progression from a simple ‘receive only’ TV set to what Nigel refers to as the television in the ‘connected and… Read more

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