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asiCast 60 – Viewability and ad effectiveness across all screens

Can levels of attentiveness to advertising serve as a reliable proxy for its effectiveness? This would seem to be a possibility worth exploring further, following the study recently completed by Karen Nelson-Field in Australia. Karen is the founder of The Centre for Amplified Intelligence and Professor of Media Innovation at… Read more

Global enters US ad market with new acquisition

Global has acquired US-based digital audio ad sales company, AudioHQ, making DAX the largest digital audio advertising platform in the world. The media and entertainment group will now have offices across the US in locations including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit as AudioHQ – one of the biggest… Read more

The Battle Begins

A few weeks ago, in a blog post entitled “The Battle Of The Century, ” I wrote about the lobbying battle that is brewing over the EU’s proposed ePrivacy Regulation. If adopted the ePrivacy Regulation, along with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will make it much harder for online… Read more

asiCast 59 – Insights from streaming audio data

This asiCast is about on-demand media – specifically streaming audio. Although most of Triton Digital’s business activity is in the US, the company is doing business in 40 different countries and its business is streaming audio. It offers a range of services – mostly to online audio publishers – from… Read more

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