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asiCast 150: Joining forces to measure attention

Cross-media attention data has been available for a while in the US from a combination of TVision’s TV panel data and Lumen Research’s Digital Attention data. A growing number of clients making use of this data has persuaded the companies to collaborate and set up panels to provide a similar… Read more

Putting a value on attention

Yesterday (November 17th) Havas Media Group (HMG) announced that the company would be including attention data in its global identity-based planning platform. The Group’s proprietary Meaningful Media Planner (MMP) draws upon attention data from Lumen’s continuous eye-tracking panels to rank and score over 9,000 domains at a format level for… Read more

BARB and the walled gardens

In the week when BARB started reporting Netflix viewing figures, Justin Sampson, BARB’s CEO, shared with delegates to the 2022 International Television & Video Conference his views on the significance of the development. You can watch Justin’s presentation and his discussion with the session chair, Pro TV’s Head of Research… Read more

Hybrid TV measurement presentation wins TV & Video award

In the summer, the Swiss TV market switched to a hybrid measurement system integrating return-path data from digital set-top boxes into the existing TAM panel. This enabled Swiss TV research to measure the highly fragmented TV viewing in a granular and stable way without significant increases in costs. The preparation… Read more

Award-winning presentation on measuring headphone listening

Headphone listening is gaining popularity among various audiences. Given headphone users cannot be directly metered, radio broadcasters are increasingly interested in understanding what and how much the audience listens to radio via headphones as media consumption becomes more personal. Nielsen is deploying a modelling procedure uniquely designed to give estimates… Read more

asiCast 149: TV’s next revolution – OEM data

Data from Smart TV set manufacturers provides important insights into changing patterns of viewing behaviour. In this asiCast, our Research Director, Richard Marks, speaks with Ed Wale, VP Europe, LG Ads Solutions, about how data from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is gathered and where it comes from. The acronym FAST… Read more

asiCast 148 Conference Preview: Towards a multi-currency market in the US?

In this asiCast our Research Director Richard Marks interviews Jon Watts, CEO of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), in the US and asks him about his role there in the rapidly evolving media landscape. In particular Richard asks Jon about the two current studies CIMM has conducted and… Read more

asiCast 147 Conference Preview: Synthetic data and virtual IDs

The volume of data now available to us from different devices, together with the need to protect peoples’ privacy, has made understanding audience behaviour extremely difficult. Increasingly the industry has been turning towards the use of synthetic data to enhance the modelling of audiences and bring together different data sets… Read more

asiCast 146 Conference Preview: Attention – the cost and value equation

We have been looking to apply proxies for attention since whenever – seeking to have ads appearing first in break or on the outside back cover. Now technology appears to provide the opportunity to measure attentiveness and Brian Jacobs of BJ&A talks to Jonathan Waite, Global Director of Havas Media… Read more

The 2022 asi International TV & Video Conference is SOLD OUT

We’re sorry for those still hoping to attend this year but the 2022 International Television & Video Conference is now sold out. There are still some tickets available for those wishing to attend the International Radio & Audio Conference ONLY. If you wish to be kept informed of our future… Read more

asiCast 145: Automatic radio and hybrid television measurement

Audio and video being available to consumers anytime and anywhere presents enormous problems for those involved in audience measurement. For some years now it has been widely acknowledged that hybrid solutions are required for this evolving audio and video market. In this asiCast our Research Director, Richard Marks, talks to… Read more

asiCast 144: River of Dreams – integrating linear and BVOD currency

Integrating both linear and broadcaster VOD data into the industry currency for both content and advertising has multiple benefits for stakeholders. In this preview to the presentation he will be making with Craig Johnson of Seven West Media at this year’s International Television & Video Conference in Nice, Ian Garland,… Read more

asiCast 141: Market modelling – from measurement to effectiveness

Media spend is typically assessed in terms of audiences – the numbers reached, ratings bought and CPMs achieved serving as proxies for business success. Yet, although market modelling can often provide a more adequate assessment, it’s use is not as widespread as perhaps it should be. In this asiCast, Brian… Read more

asi International Conferences 2022 – let’s hear from you

Detailed planning is now underway for this year’s conferences, to be held in Nice, France, from Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th November 2022. This will be our 32nd annual gathering of leading audience measurement specialists from around the world and our first physical gathering since 2019. As ever, we want… Read more

asiCast 139: Identity resolution – who is really watching?

Nielsen has been making significant efforts in recent years to source additional inputs that can allow the allocation of demographics to enhance ever more granular datasets. In this asiCast our Research Director Richard Marks talks to Nielsen’s Chief Data Officer, Mainak Mazumdar, about the relative roles played by traditional panels… Read more

asiCast 138: Recipes for effective media measurement

Video currency measurement is at a critical point at the moment as those who have been listening to our recent podcasts on the highly unstable situation in the US will know. With a number of alternative solutions being put forward, we thought it would be helpful to have a chat… Read more

asiCast 137: Device and account sharing – what is really going on?

We all have multiple profiles across a range of services and many of us also share TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, PCs and other devices within our households. Meanwhile, millions also share access to streaming media and ecommerce accounts. Media companies and companies engaged in ecommerce have a wealth of data… Read more

New website provides access to asi conference materials

We have lauched a new website to host our invaluable archive of materials from past conferences. It now provides access to decks and recordings from all International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences from 2013 and all past papers from the PDRF, which is now the asi International… Read more

asiCast 135: VAM in Canada – industry collaboration in action

The efforts being made around the world to develop cross-media measurement tend to focus on cross-platform video measurement as a first step. The work being undertaken in Canada is no exception and in this asiCast our Research Director, Richard Marks, speaks to Neil McEneaney, President and CEO of Numeris, about… Read more

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