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asiCast 68 – Advertising: a crisis of confidence

A number of recent research studies have highlighted the public’s concerns with the media. It is clear that trust has declined seriously in the last few years and trust in advertising is part of this trend. The tracking technology increasingly used by the advertising industry is also understood by the… Read more

Pitches Signal Trouble for Some, Change for All

It is often said that pitches are the lifeblood of the agency business. Right now there must be quite a few agencies who could do without all the excitement. In media land the following are up for review: HM Government (currently with Aegis), Sky (MediaCom/WPP), Mars (shared between Starcom/Publicis, OMD/Omnicom… Read more

2018 – the WFA’s year of transparency

Towards the end of January last year Marc Pritchard, P&G’s chief brand officer, opened his speech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual conference stating that the introduction of online advertising had brought with it an ‘exponential increase in crap’. Much of the media supply chain could, he argued, only be… Read more

4-screen TV viewing and exciting new viewer experiences stand out in 2017 studies

Eurodata TV Worldwide provides key analysis for successful international TV & Video content When reviewing international TV trends in 2017 in an exclusive conference held in L.A. this morning, Frédéric Vaulpré, Eurodata TV Worldwide Vice-President commented: “In a content industry that is constantly searching for “the magic formula” to turn… Read more

Planning and Buying at the Network Agencies

Being a simple chap, I like to divide the bulk of the media agency world up into planners and buyers. I know everyone has far smarter, and possibly more accurately descriptive job titles these days, but fundamentally you’re either a ‘hot’ buyer (driven by the deal) or a ‘cool’ planner… Read more

asiCast 67 – Implications of GDPR for audience measurement

Later this year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced in the European Union. Across all Member States there will have been numerous meetings held by companies where executives have been trying to work out how these regulations will apply to businesses in their sector. In this asiCast… Read more

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