Measuring advertising effectiveness in a digital world

What metrics do we use to measure advertising ROI in a rapidly changing media landscape? This was the question addressed by Peter Field in a keynote speech at this year’s asi International Television & Video Conference in Budapest. Drawing on data from the highly respected database of the IPA’s Advertising Effectiveness Awards case histories, Peter tackled directly what he regards as the most significant challenge facing the industry at the moment.

Whereas earlier studies based on these Awards had prompted many to argue that their conclusions were of limited value because the media landscape was changing so very rapidly – now, five years on in an increasingly mature media landscape, social and online are very much elements of the case histories subject to the analysis.

Arguing that the age of mass marketing is not dead, Field questions the extent to which online media can provide the scale and reach required to ensure that brands have the opportunity to grow, whilst acknowledging that online video does have important multiplier effects when used to complement TV ad campaigns.

Here is Peter’s presentation (and click here for the deck):

Originally posted by asi
5th December 2016