The 2019 International Publishing & Data Conference

You can now book your place at the 2019 International Publishing & Data Conference. Sponsored by Ipsos and Kantar, the event will be held on 12th-13th September in Lisbon, Portugal.

Delegate Fees  The discounted Early Booking delegate fee for bookings made before 12th July 2019 is £875.00 (the full rate for bookings made after that date is £975.00).

Venue  Dom Pedro Lisboa Hotel. The discounted room rate for the event for single occupancy is €185.00 (including buffet breakfast, Wi Fi and VAT).

To book your hotel accommodation and/or conference place at the discounted rates, please go to Delegate Booking where you will find all the details.

The conference agenda will be published towards the end of May, but will cover:


What are the new business models emerging for publishers and what are their online business strategies? How can publishers optimise the relationship with social media companies acting as gatekeepers of newsfeeds? How can ‘fake news’ be combatted effectively and how can publishers best use video and podcasts? How can research help editorial development and subscriber targeting?


When marketing the medium, what makes media planners, buyers and their clients sit up and take notice of newsbrands and magazines? We know the importance of context but need to ensure it is recognised. How can trusted environments be adequately valued by audience measurement? What are the mechanics of optimising digital engagement – for example, ad position and design? How do we assess the effectiveness of programmatic targeting of advertisements and account for viewability, brand safety and GDPR issues? What have we learned from ROI studies – on print vs online vs social media?

The future of measurement

What are the major developments in trading currencies around the world? There seems to be a widening gap between newspaper and magazine requirements. Can this gap be filled or should they go their separate ways? How can adequate research be funded when publishers can no longer afford to meet all that is demanded of them? How can costs be cut without sacrificing quality? Many feel that we need to move beyond pure reach-based currency to track engagement. Is this something JICs should provide or should this be left to trade bodies/publishers? What about multi-media measurement? How realistic is a ‘one currency’ survey – or an alignment of surveys – measuring video, audio and text?

Readership research techniques

How do we measure newspaper and magazine audiences with panels and what is the value of census-based panels? Increasing use of online interviewing has led to different types of sample and design. How have developments in data science enabled us to model more effectively readership of smaller publications? In respect of online/hybrid approaches, what is the current status of digital measurement? What developments have there been with data integration, modelling and ascription in relation to synthetic data sets?

Data in action

Should we be looking beyond average issue readership (AIR)? Are the metrics we use fit for purpose? We certainly generate a great deal of data, but how effectively is it being used?

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