Towards multiple currencies in the US

Measurement in the US has always been challenging and in recent years there has been an accelerating period of change in the industry. For last year’s International Television & Video Conference in Nice we asked Jon Watts, Managing Director of CIMM, to give delegates an update on developments in the US TV measurement landscape and the apparent transition there to a multi-currency marketplace.

In the course of the discussion that followed his presentation Jon predicted that ‘in the US it is almost certain that we’ll be seeing JIC-like structures emerging’. He was proved right in that on January 9th there was an announcement that the largest US TV networks had got together to form a JIC to certify the alternative currencies being developed by a number of audience measurement suppliers.

However, it should be stated this is not a JIC as understood anywhere else in the world as it does not involve any of the industry partners that constitute the Joint Industry elements of conventional JICs – the tripartite made up of advertisers, agencies and media owners. Most of the rest of the world would describe the arrangement as a MOC – Media Owner Committee.

Watch Jon’s presentation:

These developments towards a multi-currency marketplace in the US involve the inclusion of Set Top Box and Smart TV services from a number of companies including 605, Comscore, iSpot, Samba and VideoAmp. Nielsen, too, is augmenting its currency panel with big data sources. In his presentation to delegates in Nice, Pete Doe, then Chief Research Officer at Xandr, explained how Xandr and its clients are working with these data sets and what has been learned in the process. (Pete Doe has now left Xandr and was recently appointed Chief Research Officer at Nielsen.)

Watch Pete’s presentation:

Originally posted by asi on 10th January 2023