asi announces 2019 International Publishing & Data Conference

We are delighted to announce we will be adding the 2019 International Publishing & Data Conference to our portfolio of conferences to join our International Radio & Audio and International Television & Video Conferences. This year’s event will be held in Lisbon on September 12th– 13th.  The conference will represent a new beginning for the Publishing and Data Research Forum (the PDRF), a highly-respected conference that has been held every other year since 1981.

The asi conference will continue to focus on the PDRF’s main purpose and will be devoted to best practice and innovation in measuring newsbrand and magazine audiences around the world. It will recognise that this increasingly involves utilising all available data to demonstrate to advertisers the size of digital and print audiences and value of publishers’ content across all platforms.

We are delighted to confirm that the new event will be sponsored by Ipsos and Kantar Media, who have supported PDRF so strongly in the past.

Those of you who have attended our conferences will know that we share the PDRF’s core values of independence, research quality and building a community for the exchange of ideas. We have a number of themes we believe will be relevant to our agenda. These include: technology/content, readership research techniques, online/hybrid, the future of measurement, data in action and advertising/effectiveness. In this planning stage we would very much like to hear from you about what topics and potential speakers you think will be of interest at this year’s conference. You can e-mail us at

Originally posted by asi
19th March 2019