‘Total TV’ Metric Rolls Out in Australia

Australian television industry research body ThinkTV has announced a collaboration between a number of organisations to produce a ‘Total TV’ metric, capturing all the advertising revenue spent across commercial TV.

The new metric covers metropolitan and regional revenues from commercial broadcasters, including three of ThinkTV’s four founding members: Nine Network, Seven Network and Network Ten. It also includes national advertising revenues from two new participants: ThinkTV founding member Multi Channel Network/Foxtel and SBS. To reflect revenue accrued from advertising on catch-up TV, the Total TV figure also includes participants’ long form AVOD (advertising-funded video-on-demand) revenues. Total TV initially uses figures compiled by KPMG from information supplied by each participant for the second half of 2016.

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Originally posted at Daily Research News Online
21st February 2017

Karen Nelson-Field, CEO of Media Intelligence Co., will be presenting early results of the ThinkTV Smart Lab research project at the 2017 APAC Television & Video Conference on 11th-12th May in Singapore.