asiCast 134: US TV measurement – a window of opportunity for ‘alt currencies’?

It is clear to everyone that there is currently a great deal of turbulence in the TV market in the US.  In the context of the ongoing NBC tender process for audience measurement providers, our Research Director Richard Marks discusses with the co-founder and CEO of TVision, Yan Liu, the developing situation.

When considering the various approaches being proposed, what are the key issues in building an optimum service? In particular, Richard explores with Yan the important role of panels for calibrating demos and explores whether they necessarily represent an expensive element of any viable service.

Whilst this debate is being conducted there are those who argue that household demos are perfectly adequate. Is that the case, or will advertisers always want to target people rather than homes? Although the pressure for this measurement initiative has primarily come from the sell side and the broadcast networks, how does this align with the ANA initiative on cross-media measurement? Is there room for other metrics such as attention to be introduced with these new approaches or is that further down the line?

Yan Liu talks with Richard Marks:

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