Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings measures market’s ‘real needs’

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Ever since the beginning of the digital era, nearly everyone, young and old, has been able to appreciate the immense opportunity that the digital platform offers for marketing to a global audience. In spite of this, many corporations in traditional and modern industries have been reluctant to invest in digital marketing resources. Why?

Because fragmented exposure means that it is hard to define chains of accountability on digital platforms. Video views, page views, click rate and ad reaches are the most commonly used metrics for the effectiveness of digital ads, but it’s difficult to keep track of the specific audiences an advertisement has reached, how often they were reached, and whether they were reached through mobile or other platforms. Well, what if you could do all of the above?

With mobile devices growing in importance, 97 percent of Taiwan internet users go online through mobile. Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR), a global industry standard for independent ad campaign measurement in more than 20 countries, has announced a simultaneous launch in Taiwan and in Poland. DAR measures the demographics, unique audience, reach, frequency and gross rating points for an ad campaign’s full digital audience across every platform, in the same way that Nielsen tracks the reach of television programs.

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Originally posted by Chris Chang at The China Post
8th September 2016