ISBA announces launch of UK cross-media measurement initiative at asi Prague 2019

Today at the 2019 asi International Television & Video Conference in Prague, Phil Smith, Director General of ISBA, announced the launch of Origin, a new UK cross-media measurement programme. This initiative will ‘pursue one of the first national executions of the global principles and approach for cross media audience measurement being developed by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)’.

asi’s Research Director Richard Marks commented ‘When the WFA guidelines were recently announced, one of the issues I highlighted was the gap between discussing guidelines and actually putting a measurement system in place. ISBA’s announcement marks a move from theory to action when it comes to cross-media measurement. It is also refreshing to see the advertisers putting their money where their mouth is in backing this initiative.’

Chairing the session of the asi Conference, Brian Jacobs of BJ&A proposed a levy on adspend to fund independent cross-media audience measurement. ‘I would draw the analogy with the way in which the industry funds self-regulation via a levy. Accurate and independent audience measurement funded by those with no commercial “skin in the game” is ever more essential in a world where fake news and manipulated data is on the increase.’



7th November 2019


ISBA has today announced the launch of a UK Cross Media Measurement Programme, Origin, to pursue one of the first national executions of the global principles and approach for cross media audience measurement being developed by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).

The project is backed by some of the world’s biggest advertisers and will see the UK take a leading role in translating a measurement approach developed by the WFA and its member organisations into a practical, privacy-safe solution which will allow advertisers better to manage their media investments for maximum value and growth.

Today at the 2019 asi International TV & Video Conference in Prague, Phil Smith Director General of ISBA said “Cross Media Measurement has for some time been a key priority for our members and for ISBA. As a core contributor to the WFA programme, we are delighted to be launching Origin, a critical project to spearhead the development of a cross media measurement tool. We want to work with advertisers, publishers, broadcasters, digital platforms and agencies to develop a comprehensive solution, ultimately to plan investment across all media. It will be critical that the UK approach is consistent with global principles, especially in respecting consumer privacy and complying with current and future regulation in this area. We look forward to further discussions with broadcasters, publishers and UK JICs to establish how this can support and enhance existing media currencies.”

Keith Weed, Advertising Association President and formerly Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever, said “I’m delighted to see ISBA taking a pioneering role with the WFA and leading advertisers on progressing towards a global, holistic media measurement solution. This is a critical step to improved public trust in advertising.”

Stephan Loerke, CEO at WFA said “It is hugely encouraging that ISBA is taking up the baton in seeking to implement WFA’s global principles for cross media measurement. We’re working with global actors to develop frameworks but measurement takes place locally and it’s critical that we work hand-in-hand with local markets to pilot and implement. We look forward to other national associations stepping forward to take on this much-needed work.”

The next step for Origin will be to work with the WFA to translate the emerging principles developed in September across four workstreams (measurement, privacy, governance and pipework) into a working design and operating model.


About ISBA

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