New Ourdata Gives Ad Blocker Profit To Consumers

Solutions to solve ad blockers seem to just keep popping up, much like the troublesome ads themselves. Here’s one that hits the problem head on, with consumer logic in mind.

Ourdata, just being launched this week at the Apple Store, proposes to issue shares to consumers who will agree to see ads. The value of the shares will be determined by the number of consumers involved and they’ll be paid by the publishers that also have to agree to participate. The Ourdata team in San Francisco will all make it work, but members–shareholders–will really own it.

It seems Ourdata, from its very name, wants to push the idea that consumers bring something to the advertising table. They bring themselves and all that information– their age, sex, race, location, browsing proclivity and interest in products and services. All of that is worth money, which is what Ourdata aims to collect.

As a Ourdata graphical video states, in the Internet world, there are buyers and sellers, making “tons of money off the product. And guess what? That product is you.. Every time we go on line, large companies you’ve never heard of are following us and gathering our data. And then they sell it to advertisers for billions of dollars. Then the advertisers use that data to save themselves billions of dollars by targeting their advertising.”

So the deal is this: Publisher and advertiser agree pay a small amount to Ourdata and in return, the consumer accepts the ad. And data keeps getting collected.

Right now, other ad blockers take the money that Ourdata would return to its shareholders.

If all this sounds altruistic, you haven’t heard the half of it. Ourdata is a B Corporation–B for Benefits– a type of company that includes a positive impact on society as one of its legally defined goals. They’re allowed in 30 states and versions are allowed in many countries.

Recently The Philadelphia Inquirer, a once thriving paper hurt by the changing times, became a B Corporation in order to continue its journalistic mission.

Ourdata joined with Susan. B. Komen Foundation, which fights breast cancer, as its launch partner and when you sign up, you can type in Komen’s referral code so your shares’ proceeds go to them. Or you can choose your own charity or just take the money, once there is some. But Ourdata pledges to donate 90% of its own profits to charity.

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Originally posted by at MediaPost
11th July 2016