Sky makes $10MN strategic investment in programmatic data firm

In what could be seen as the most significant in the latest number of endorsements for programmatic technology, pay-TV giant Sky has invested $10 million in DataXu.

RTVN 25 Jan 2016 SkyBased in Boston, Massachusetts, DataXu is a provider of programmatic marketing analytics, data management and media activation software. The company says that it partners with advertisers and media agencies to help them engage more efficiently and effectively with consumers across all of their devices.

DataXu claims that its platform has the capability to analyse and optimise buying decisions on over 100 billion digital advertising opportunities every day around the globe. Furthermore, it believes that its expertise in programmatic marketing — the automated, data-driven planning and trading of advertising across multiple media devices and formats — will benefit Sky as both an advertiser and investor.

Sky’s advertising sales division, Sky Media, will now work with DataXu to explore opportunities such as extending the reach of Sky AdVance, using DataXu’s experience in helping advertisers to buy addressable TV ads programmatically and use data and analytics to drive improved marketing results. Launched in 2015, Sky AdVance allows advertisers to connect journeys across screens so that audiences see the right ad, in the right sequence and on the appropriate screen.

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Originally posted at Rapid TV News
25th January 2016