Turner Plans To Launch Multiple Online Subscription Services This Year

Turner Broadcasting 2Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting is about to accelerate the effort by traditional media companies to offer subscription streaming services for their content.

“Before the end of this year we’ll have at least a couple of direct-to-consumer products in the marketplace,” Turner CEO John Martin said today at a luncheon with reporters.

He wouldn’t specify what Turner will offer but said they “could be at our existing networks” and might be “brand extensions for passions where people might be willing to pay us.”

Turner President David Levy added that the company will “try to capture” the so-called cord-nevers — people, especially young adults, who don’t want to pay a high monthly rate to receive a lot of channels they don’t watch.

That could make it similar to services such as CBS All Access and Hulu.

Martin says the planned offerings are among the changes that make this “a new day at Turner.”

In addition, several “big, well-capitalized companies” — in the U.S. and abroad — “seem very serious” about creating online video services that might include Turner’s networks.

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Originally posted at Deadline
16th March 2016