asiCast 171: Nielsen and YouTube expand measurement to CTVs

Nielsen is expanding its CTV measurement of YouTube into 11 markets so it seems an appropriate time to find out a little more about what the new service will provide. Our Research Director Richard Marks talks with Deirdre Thomas, Chief Product Officer at Nielsen Audience Measurement.

Richard explores with Deirdre the way in which data is received from YouTube in a privacy-safe way and determines whether this involves Virtual IDs or some other approach. They also discuss the issues that have arisen in the past around YouTube’s (and other platforms’) self-reported data and how the data is being validated.

Nielsen plans to include mobile, computer and CTV data. What plans are there to include other linear TV data market by market and what is the timeline for delivery of the service? Richard and Deirdre discuss how this sits with the wider Nielsen One Ads product and the endgame of Nielsen One itself. Nielsen One Content launched last year in Denmark and was featured at our conference in Nice, winning the award for best paper. Deirdre references a third element to Nielsen One that is a planning tool, also due to launch shortly.

Finally, the discussion turns to where this sits alongside the WFA North Star cross-media initiative and Project Halo. The UK is listed as one of the markets being included in this roll-out and Richard wonders how this new service aligns with Project Origin given that YouTube is a key driver of that undertaking.

Deirdre will be speaking at this year’s asi International Television & Video Conference to be held on 6th to 8th November in Venice, Italy.

Deirdre Thomas talks with Richard Marks:

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