Join us at the 2016 asi APAC Television Conference

Unleashing the Power of Video Measurement

The 2016 asi APAC Television Conference
Thursday 12th – Friday 13th May 2016
InterContinental Singapore Hotel, Singapore

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Television and video are expanding – across platforms, across screens, and particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Increasingly it’s hard to tell where television ends and online video begins. What is clear is that ‘television’ is no longer a device – a TV set. It’s a vibrant cross-platform medium. Younger generations don’t necessarily differentiate between television and video content at all, whilst new media companies are investing unprecedented amounts in developing new television content. As a result we are living in what is being described as a ‘Platinum Age’ of television, an age in which high quality TV content is exploding. Meanwhile new forms of video advertising further enhance the attraction of video to advertisers, with addressable advertising delivered via programmatic planning and trading and Real Time Bidding.

This proliferation and expansion is a major opportunity for measurement systems but it’s proving challenging for those systems to keep up with developments. Currency measurement of television and video is essential if revenue is to be optimised and at this year’s asi APAC conference we will be focusing on a number of exciting developments in measurement services and systems that can unleash the power of television and video measurement. After all, at the end of the day, if it can’t be measured, it can’t be monetised.

In our first session we will be taking an overview of the current state of play of TV and video technology in the region, hearing from major broadcast and online players and looking at trends in technology and viewing, with a particular emphasis on new video services and OTT.

Next we take in the advertiser perspective and especially  how advertisers’ money can be spent in the most efficient way, discussing planning, campaign evaluation and the advertising opportunities from mobile video and social media.

On day two we focus on the measurement challenges of measuring television and video across platforms. We take an overview of the progress made on hybrid systems under development and look at multi-device viewing, time-shifting, cross-platform video and measuring OTT services.

We end the conference with a session looking at the optimum business models for driving innovation in media measurement. We hear from new systems being built in South Africa, Thailand and in Singapore, as well as an analysis of the pros and cons of JIC and syndicated measurement.

With a blend of data-driven papers, lively opinion and panel sessions asi APAC 2016 promises to be the forum for debating and furthering the development of television and video measurement in Asia.

The 2016 APAC Television Conference is sponsored by GfK and Nielsen


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