asiCast 144: River of Dreams – integrating linear and BVOD currency

Integrating both linear and broadcaster VOD data into the industry currency for both content and advertising has multiple benefits for stakeholders. In this preview to the presentation he will be making with Craig Johnson of Seven West Media at this year’s International Television & Video Conference in Nice, Ian Garland, Managing Director of MiltonData, discusses with asi’s Richard Marks how OzTAM has set about achieving this.

Recognising very early the importance of streaming audiences for their broadcaster clients, OzTAM developed a video player measure which initially just captured the total minutes viewed but progressively introduced more and more functionality and enhanced demographic extensions. Finally, these streaming viewing data were introduced into the linear TV data in the VOZ service.

Ian discusses with Richard the differences in this approach to initiatives like C-Flight, an approach being pursued in the UK and a number of other markets. They also consider the influence this development has had on the response in Australia to the WFA’s North Star objectives and Project Origin in the UK.

Ian Garland and Craig Johnson will be speaking at this year’s asi International Television & Video Conference, 2nd-4th November, Nice, France.

Ian Garland talks with Richard Marks:

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