• asiCast – The Definitions Box Set

    A series of four Special Edition asiCasts discussing the meanings of some of the everyday terms we use to describe our business. The box set includes: The death of ‘digital’?; What is ‘television’?; What do we mean by cross-platform reach, engagement and targeting?; and What is ‘mobile’?

    asiCast – The Definitions Box Set

  • BARB Explained

    A series of articles explaining different aspects of what BARB does.

    BARB Explained

  • BARB – How we do what we do

    BARB explains how it measures television viewing for the whole of the UK, including how the BARB panel works, how the data is retrieved and how the collected data is delivered to the industry.

    This information is also available on the BARB website (click here).

    What is the BARB panel and why do we need it? (video)

    How does BARB know who is watching and what they are watching? (video)

    Device-based census data

    Dovetail fusion

    Data delivery

  • BARB – The SVOD Report

    Charts the growth of SVOD services across the UK (January 2019)

    BARB SVOD Report

  • BARB – The Viewing Report

    BARB’s state of the nation review of how people are watching television in the UK and how it is changing (May 2018). Reports from 2017, 2016 and 2015 can also be found below.

    BARB Viewing Report 2018

    BARB Viewing Report 2017

    BARB Viewing Report 2016

    BARB Viewing Report 2015

  • European Audiovisual Observatory Report on On-Demand Audiovisual Services

    Report prepared by the European Audiovisual Observatory for DG Connect on the development of the European market for on-demand audiovisual services, published in March 2015.

    The development of the European market for on-demand audiovisual services

  • EBU: Public Service Media Contribution to Society

    This report on Public Service Media from the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service (MIS) includes data, research and analysis on TV and radio trends, new media developments, market structure and concentration, funding and public policy issues (December 2015).

    EBU-MIS – PSM Contribution to Society – Report

  • EBU report on Digital Radio in Europe

    This is the first of a planned yearly report from the Media Intelligence Service of the EBU. It highlights the main achievements of 2015 for digital radio and offers a progress report on the roll-out of digital terrestrial radio in European markets.

    EBU-MIS – Digital Radio Report 2016

  • Ofcom Media Nations UK 2021

    This is Ofcom’s fourth annual Media Nations report, a research report for industry, policymakers, academics and consumers. The main objectives of the report are to review key trends in the media sector and set out how audiences are served in the UK. Ofcom adopts a cross-platform perspective, including broadcast TV and radio, as well as digital delivery including online video and audio streaming.

    As in previous years, the report is accompanied by an interactive report containing an extensive range of data.

    Ofcom Media Nations: UK 2021

  • Ofcom Communications Market Report 2018

    This comprehensive study of the UK’s telecoms, broadcasting and postal industries is available as an interactive or narrative report.

    Ofcom Communications Market Report 2018-narrative-report

  • Ofcom Public Service Broadcasting Annual Report 2016

    Report on how the TV public service broadcasters are performing in terms of delivering public service programmes. It looks at what broadcasters are spending on programmes, the amount of different types of programmes they show, the extent to which audiences are watching and how satisfied they are (July 2016).

    Ofcom Public Service Broadcasting Annual Research Report 2016

  • RAJAR – Audio Time Report

    Report drawing upon RAJAR’s Midas Audio Survey, which measures listening time and behaviour across the spectrum of audio-led content, devices and services (April 2016).

    Audio Time Report April 2016