asiCast 97: The prospects for the Britbox SVOD product

Shortly after the announcement that the BBC and ITV were planning to launch their SVOD product Britbox, our Research Director Richard Marks spoke with Nigel Walley, CEO of Decipher, about the project. It offers the best of British television (from the BBC and ITV) and the interview outlines the history behind the project.

There is a great deal of complexity in the inter-relationships between all those involved in collaborating to provide SVOD services as a response to Netflix and others. What is the likely effect on content production and co-production deals in the future? How do the partners reconcile their slightly different needs and requirements as different business models could lead to conflicts in distribution strategy?

What would constitute success for the service?

Nigel Walley will be taking part in a panel discussing the rapidly-developing market for streaming TV services at the 2019 asi International Television & Video Conference on 6th-8th November in Prague, Czech Republic.

To listen to the interview, just press play below or click here.

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