asiCast 165: What will be the consequences of Barb’s governance of CFlight?

CFlight provides total deduplicated reach and frequency analysis of both linear and on-demand broadcaster campaigns and was originally introduced into the UK market by Sky. A couple of years ago this service was extended to include other UK broadcasters and recently it was announced that the oversight and governance of CFlight would be undertaken by Barb Audiences. In this asiCast our Research Director Richard Marks discusses the significance of this development with Lucy Bristowe, Director of Insight and Research at Sky, and Justin Sampson, the CEO of Barb Audiences.

From the broadcasters’ point of view, whilst the provision of the CFlight campaign evaluation tool is welcomed, there is widespread recognition amongst agencies that the volume of data being processed demands a considerable level of rigour and scrutiny and the oversight of Barb would be valued. For Barb Audiences’ part, the governance of CFlight represents a further step towards the provision of a comprehensive service of both linear and on-demand viewing in accordance with agreed Joint Industry principles.

Justin Sampson will be speaking at this year’s asi International Television & Video Conference on 8th to 10th November in Nice, France.

Lucy Bristowe and Justin Sampson speak with Richard Marks:

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