Streaming Devices Like Amazon Fire Are Now Driving OTT Use On The Big Screens In UK Television Homes

Decipher have released the latest wave of their bi-annual Mediabug research into consumer media use. Now in its fifth year, the bi-annual report is based on an online consumer survey of 3000 UK consumers, and reports on how new technology is impacting media consumption.


For the first time, this Mediabug Wave has shown the impact of new low-cost streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku and Google Chromecast in driving OTT VOD use onto the big screen in UK television homes.

Having previously reported a slowdown in the uptake of services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and NOW TV, Wave 8 has shown that this was short-lived and that take up of new devices was a significant factor in the turnaround. This return to growth means that now 30% of online UK consumers claim to have an SVOD subscription, up from 23% in Q1 2015. Netflix is still the main provider, with now 23% of online consumers claiming to have a subscription. Amazon Prime Instant Video saw its claimed subscriptions rise by 5 percentage points since Q3 last year to 13%, and NOW TV subs grew by 2 percentage points and is now at 6%. DisneyLife enters the SVOD market at 2%, having launched last November.

Devices that enable OTT video streaming to TV sets (such as Apple TV, NOW TV box, and the Amazon Fire TV stick) have appeared as significant drivers of uptake for the first time.  All devices showed increased ownership since Q3, 2015.  The most significant uptake was shown by the relatively new Amazon Fire TV Stick, which saw claimed ownership increase from 2% to 6% of online consumers – representing roughly 1.4M homes. The larger (but more expensive) Amazon Fire Box (similar in size and shape to Apple TV) sold 450K devices over the same period.  These have proved popular because they allow a user to access Netflix and BBC iPlayer as well as use Amazon’s own video services.  Their promotion by Jeremy Clarkson on TV during the period must have helped.

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