IAB UK Is Right — Digital Marketing Is Well Placed To Survive Brexit Jitters

Two weeks on from the referendum, we can safely say the vote to leave the EU was always going to lead to what we currently see. The pound is at its lowest value in three decades, markets in the UK, and the EU — particularly Germany — have seen heavy losses, and both UK consumer and business confidence are dipping. While nobody can be sure what the outcome of trade negotiations with the EU and other nations will be, the market turmoil we are currently seeing was widely anticipated because it was glaringly obvious.

Amidst all the doom and gloom, I concur completely with the IAB UK conclusion that digital marketing is better placed to resist budget cuts brought about by brands reacting to lower consumer confidence by deciding to do less until the dust settles. The IAB UK had kept quiet for nearly two weeks following the referendum result to weigh up its thoughts. Surprisingly, it says very few people had put calls through to see what it believed Brexit means for digital marketing.

Now that it has decided to break its silence, it has a very clear path. Digital marketing is highly measurable and so can easily answer the board’s questions of what the organisation will get back for every pound or euro put in to each channel. These are business metrics. They talk the language of input and output. Invest x into each digital channel and you get X + ? back.

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Originally posted by at MediaPost
7th July 2016