Agendas for 2016 asi November conferences released:

Venue: Hilton Budapest (Castle District), Budapest, Hungary

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2016 International Radio & Audio Conference

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Millennials and the Future Shape of Audio

On the face of it, audio remains in rude health, an attractive proposition for listeners and advertisers alike. However, the long-term future of radio and other forms of audio is very much in the hands of millennials, that key group born between about 1980 and 2000. Their radio listening levels are declining. To a certain extent this is being offset by the continued loyalty of older groups. So the key question has to be: will millennials become increasingly dependent on radio as they get older or will they take their current profile of audio consumption with them into later life? Will they differentiate between radio and other forms of audio in the way past generations have done?

Either way, it is clear that radio is now very much part of a wider thriving audio landscape and is increasingly as much a digital medium as the new streaming and on demand services. So, what is the optimum approach to measuring radio and audio across digital platforms and in this wider context? This year, a number of presentations will look at audio in this broader playing field, with implications not just for the listener but also the trading of audio itself.

2016 International Television & Video Conference

Wednesday 2nd – Friday 4th November 2016

Going for Gold

Global sporting events like this year’s Rio Olympics serve not only to bring the world together in troubling times, but also act as a useful insight into the evolving shape of TV consumption itself. Cross-media cross-platform events also push the current capabilities of audience measurement systems to their limit. At this year’s conference we’ll be looking to the future of television and video and examining how the industry can keep up the pace in the measurement marathon.

The production of high quality TV content is at a global high as broadcasters, expanding the global reach of their hit series and formats, compete with SVOD services keen to join the party. We’ll examine the trends in content production and discuss the future prospects for content distribution channels.

It’s clear that video is a highly attractive and effective medium for advertising and we’ll hear about a number of innovations in advertising technology. However, we will also remind ourselves that, in the rush to examine sales impact, the longer-term effects of advertising are also critical.

Meanwhile, if we are living in a ‘golden age’ of TV content, what category of medal can we award television measurement itself?  There does now seem to be a clear consensus around the way forward, with hybrid approaches in development or at the commissioning stage in many countries. The main debates are now focusing on exactly how to apply the measurement science and the precise components.

What building blocks are needed to build cross-platform measurement across connected devices? Census data is obviously a crucial component, but it is less clear how accessible that data will be, particularly data from social media platforms. In a key panel discussion, we will examine the prospects for industry collaboration between ‘traditional’ television and new media: whose data is it anyway?

At the end of the conference we won’t be bringing a winners podium on stage but we will be awarding the Tony Twyman Award for best paper!

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