Facebook, YouTube reject “one-size-fits-all” ratings measurement

Facebook and YouTube have expressed a desire to get involved in a Joint Industry Currency (JIC) model for audience measurement in the UK, provided they are represented “appropriately and fairly”.

Representatives from the digital platforms spoke during a Royal Television Society event on October 24, where execs from Sky, Channel 4, commercial marketing organization Thinkbox, addressable TV outfit Finecast and ratings agency BARB discussed the evolving models in place to measure TV viewing across linear and digital platforms.

A key focus during the session was the FAANG players’ involvement in JICs, such as BARB, which are the standard metrics for evaluating and trading advertising media, and which enable advertisers to understand the effectiveness of cross-media marketing campaigns.

Google UK’s head of market insights Jonny Protheroe, who was in the audience at London’s Hospital Club, assured a “great willingness” from YouTube to be part of “TV currencies around the world”.

“We need to agree as an industry – and we need the [commercial] side to lead on it – on what they want the currency to do and cover, and how to make that happen as a solution.”

However, the exec warned that the industry is “never going to move on” if a one-size-fits-all measurement structure is applied to new players such as YouTube.

“You can’t treat all platforms the same. They are different in the way that people consume them, and in what type of data is available. Measurement needs to reflect those differences.

“From our side, there is a great willingness to be involved in this and not be part of the ‘unidentified’ portion of viewing on BARB. We want to be part of that, but also want to be represented appropriate and fairly.”

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Originally posted by Manori Ravindran at TBI Vision
October 2018

BARB’s Justin Sampson, Facebook’s Mark Riseley and Google/YouTube’s Samir Pradhan will be speaking at the 2018 asi International Television & Video Conference on 7th-9th November in Athens, Greece. The closing panel session at this year’s event will discuss whether video measurement is fit for purpose.