TV outperforms digital for ad attention and recall

Speaking at the annual Nielsen Consumer 360 event, the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) unveiled findings from a new platform usage study that show TV outperforming computer, smartphone and tablet in viewer ad attention and recall.

The study, conducted by Hub Entertainment Research, was designed to compare viewing of TV shows and advertising across screens to determine whether engagement and recall differ among platforms, and to identify the drivers that have the greatest impact on the viewing experience.

Key findings include:

  • Attention to advertising and ad recall, two important measures of advertising engagement, are similar among viewers using computer, smartphone and tablet, but higher among those watching a TV set. For ad recall, 62 per cent of TV viewers were able to recall half or more advertisers, followed by tablet (47 per cent), smartphone (46 per cent) and computer (45 per cent). For attentiveness, 29 per cent of participants rated TV an 8-10 on a 10-point scale where 10 means complete attention, ahead of smartphone (23 per cent), computer (20 per cent) and tablet (17 per cent).
  • Enjoyment, a measure of programme engagement, was high across all platforms but especially so among smartphone viewers.
  • Platform experience is related to actual screen size. Independent of other factors, the viewing experience was significantly more positive among TV set viewers. 89 per cent of participants rated TV an 8-10 on a 10-point scale for enjoyment, followed by tablet (63 per cent), computer (54 per cent) and smartphone (53 per cent).
  • Multi-tasking negatively impacts engagement with ads (sponsor recall) but not with show (plot recall). In addition, the study found that very little multi-tasking behaviour (7-11 per cent, depending on the platform) during ads was related to the brands featured in the ads themselves.

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Originally posted at Advanced Television
30th June 2016