New website provides access to asi conference materials

We have lauched a new website to host our invaluable archive of materials from past conferences. It now provides access to decks and recordings from all International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences from 2013 and all past papers from the PDRF, which is now the asi International Publishing & Data Conference. The website was initiated as part of asi’s commitment to keeping the PDRF archive alive and will be developed over the coming months to join together the resources from all asi conferences. You can access this at

The decks and recordings from our latest International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences held online from 1st to 5th November 2021 are available in the new archive and we are now also releasing the video recordings of each day (below).

(If you want to pick out particular presentations, we’ve provided a programme of each day below, with the timing for each presentation.)

You can also access the decks for each day here:

2021 International Radio & Audio Conference, Monday 1st November

2021 International TV & Video Conference, Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th November

Monday 1st November

All change for audiences and their measurement?

Please note: We apologise that, due to technical difficulties, we do not have recordings of the first two items listed here. However, you will be able to access the decks for these using the link above.

Changing patterns of listening during a pandemic
Belinda Beeftink, Research Director, IPA

Please don’t stop the music! – how the pandemic changed our listening
Alison Winter, Head of Audiences for Radio & Education, BBC

Why the open podcast ecosystem is the key to sustained podcast audience growth  (00:48)
Stacey Goers, Product Manager, Acast

Ten things you need to know about global podcasting to make you a Super Trouper  (13:37)
Adam Bowie, Business Development Manager, BBC World Service

Innovations in podcast measurement: integrating census and survey level data  (26:56)
Jeff Vidler, President/Founder, Signal Hill Insights
Daryl Battaglia, SVP Market Development & Strategy – Audience Research, Triton Digital

Panel discussion  (37:28)

The benefits of sharing – joining forces to enhance audio measurement  (55:32)
Frans Kok, Director, Nationaal Luister Onderzoek (NLO)

Radio 360: the evolution of Australia’s Radio Audience Measurement system  (01:11:34)
Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia
Deb Hishon, Media Measurement Director, Australia and New Zealand, GfK

It was impossible until we did it: RAMS 21  (01:27:13)
Gary Whitaker, CEO, BRCSA
Paul Eldon, Global Deployment Director, Ipsos

Traditional vs Metering: the end of the war?  (01:39:33)
Giorgio Licastro, Media Measurement Lead Italy, GfK

RAJAR returns!  (01:53:47)
Paul Kennedy, Research Director, RAJAR

Panel discussion  (02:08:20)

Tuesday 2nd November

Understanding the true value of content

Chair’s opening remarks  (01:20)
Richard Marks, Research Director, asi

Measuring success in streaming  (04:04)
Guy Bisson, Research Director, Ampere Analysis

What are the current dynamics and challenges of the TV & Video players?  (32:45)
Frédéric Vaulpré, Vice-President, Glance-Médiamétrie

The content that drives SVOD subscriptions  (44:38)
Matt Ross, Product Manager, Digital i

Panel discussion  (01:00:13)

Drive to Survive? How Formula 1’s Netflix series is helping the sport thrive  (01:09:26)
Greg Morris, Senior Research Manager, Formula 1

Maximising commercial value among sport fans  (01:23:13)
Minal Modha, Principal Analyst and Consumer Research Lead, Ampere Analysis

Panel discussion  (01:32:43)

The streaming ceiling  (01:47:45)
Brian Fuhrer, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Nielsen

Capturing global audiences: what the world’s largest content providers are doing to win the stream  (02:05:52)
Alex Cameron, Partner Insights, Parrot Analytics

Public Service Broadcasters – ensuring value is delivered for all  (02:22:45)
Nick North, Director of Audiences, BBC

Panel discussion  (02:35:50)

Wednesday 3rd November

Paying attention to the future of advertising data

Chair’s opening remarks  (01:17)
Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO, BJ&A

What is your attention game plan?  (04:00)
Karen Nelson-Field, Founder & CEO, Amplified Intelligence

Assessing the value of BVOD  (29:29)
Sam Taylor, Head of Commercial Marketing, Direct Line Group

Are we heading for a crisis in audience reach?  (50:26)
Roland Abold, VP Sales & Commercial Excellence, Consumer Panel & Media Measurement, GfK

TV advertising and video formats – how to get best value from the wealth of choice  (01:02:20)
Tom Roach, Vice President – Brand Planning, Jellyfish

How in-content advertising can provide new opportunities for brands  (01:31:00)
Tim Jones, Global Head of Research & Insight, Mirriad

Shoppable TV with Love Island  (01:43:52)
Neil Mortensen, Director of Audiences, ITV

Panel discussion  (01:54:27)

Balancing precision and scale in data-driven TV advertising  (02:09:18)
Blair Robertson, Chief Technology Officer and EVP, TVSquared
Wayne Butler, Head of Media Effectiveness for Advanced Advertising, Sky

How Facebook and Instagram ads impact reach and purchase behaviour  (02:22:14)
Torsten Müller-Klockmann, Marketing Science Lead for DACH, Facebook
Tristan Helmreich, Client Business Partner – Global Integrated Solutions, GfK

Panel discussion  (02:38:00)

Thursday 4th November

Panels: the second coming?

Chair’s opening remarks  (00:43)
Richard Marks, Research Director, asi

A defining moment  (04:42)
Justin Sampson, Chief Executive, BARB

Progression from the mean – modelling the new online video currency for Sweden  (35:35)
Danielle Aldén, Head of Media Measurement, MMS
John Carroll, Global Director for Business Development in Media Measurement, GfK

Broadcaster CFlight – a solution to the challenge of deduplication and viewing attribution across platforms  (47:16)
Noel O’Sullivan, Chief Statistician, RSMB

Using massive-scale personified return-path TV data in cross-media reporting  (57:20)
Jukka Ranta, Senior Director, Statistical Services, Comscore

Panel discussion  (01:12:00)

Should I stay or should I go?  (01:35:00)
Richard Marks, Research Director, asi

RIP cookies; Hello (again) panels?  (01:49:44)
Bas de Vos, Senior Director, Kantar
Jonathan Brown, Managing Director – Netherlands, Kantar

Follow the Yellow Brick Road! The need for Brains, Heart, Courage (and a bit of wizardry) on the road to cross-platform video measurement  (02:00:02)
Sarah Miller, Senior Vice President – Product Management, Nielsen

Panel discussion  (02:10:37)
Joined by Josh Chasin, Chief Measurability Officer, VideoAmp

Friday 5th November

Cross-platform video measurement: the long and winding road

Chair’s opening remarks  (01:00)
Richard Asquith, Richard Asquith Consulting

Fit for the future – developments in the Dutch T(M)AM service  (11:27)
Sjoerd Pennekamp, Managing Director, SKO

Building the next generation Cross-Media – measurement for the French market  (20:13)
Julien Rosanvallon, Executive Vice President, Médiamétrie

Beyond TV and streaming  (31:59)
Anke Weber, Managing Director, AGF Videoforschung

Cross-media research design for the future: clean, transparent, hybrid  (39:36)
Tanja Hackenbruch, CEO, Mediapulse

A unique approach to cross-platform video measurement  (49:14)
Jiri Udatny, Data & Analytics Director, GroupM
Josef Fiser, Marketing & Business Director/Head of adMeter, Median

UK commercial broadcasters adopt CFlight  (01:01:48)
Lucy Bristowe, Director of Insight and Research, Sky Media
Martin Greenbank, Head of Advertising Research & Development, Channel 4
Glenn Gowan, Head of Audiences – Commercial, ITV

Panel discussion  (01:13:30)

Are the research suppliers still essential to the process?

  • Mario Paic, Chief Data & Research Office, Audience Measurement, Ipsos  (01:37:16)
  • Toni Petra, Executive Vice President, International Product & Operations, Nielsen  (01:43:10)
  • Rolf Müller, Global Director Business Development Media Measurement,
    GfK  (01:48:23)
  • Antonio Wanderley, CEO Latin America & Global Clients – Media, Kantar  (01:54:17)

Panel discussion  (01:59:30)

How far has the WFA initiative progressed?

  • Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA  (02:15:30)
  • Nathalie Bordes, EVP, Measurement for Marketers, Association of National Advertisers (ANA)  (02:25:26)

Panel discussion  (02:39:22)

Governance and funding – Panel discussion (02:55:11)
Richard Asquith leads the discussion with:

  • Jane Clarke, CEO & Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
  • Valérie Morrisson, Managing Director, CESP
  • Sarah Mansfield, VP Global Media Europe and Americas, Unilever
  • Johan Smit, Director, PMA/Platform Media Adviesbureaus