2018 asi APAC Television & Video Conference, May 10th-11th

Total video in action: from script to screen

Video audience measurement has never had a higher profile than at present. Intense debate focuses around the way in which video audiences are measured, defined, compared across platforms and verified. That’s because video in its myriad formats is the dominant form of digital media.

Usage data informs billions of dollars of decisions around investment in content and the development of new video technology. It underpins the trading currencies and the perceived relative importance and effectiveness for advertisers of broadcast, social video and VOD in its many forms.

The critical role of robust and reliable video measurement has been amplified by recent industry initiatives focused on transparency and accountability. This year’s APAC Television & Video Conference will highlight the challenges video measurement faces and explore how new measurement systems are being deployed and used. It will be a forum for high-level delegates from all areas of the video eco-system to debate and network: broadcasters, content owners, media agencies and social video companies.

The first session on Thursday focuses on innovation in television and video, with the emphasis on content. We will be looking at trends across the region in terms of video consumption – what are the growing formats and how is cross-platform usage evolving? How well does audience measurement suit the needs of the sports industry? How are broadcasters maximising the opportunities presented by VOD and the rise of subscription VOD?

Our next session then has video advertising very much as its focus. We’ll be hearing from Unilever about why the World Federation of Advertisers has made 2018 its year of transparency. Our subsequent speakers focus on key aspects of new advertising opportunities, with a particular emphasis on transparency. We will be looking at the uses and abuses of programmatic trading and how to cut through the jungle of jargon surrounding it; how advertising works across broadcast and online; the practical implications of viewability and the opportunities offered by AI technology to unlock the power of social video.

Day two of the event puts video measurement at the centre of the stage. In the morning session we will be exploring the science of audience measurement and in the afternoon its application in the real world.

The Friday morning session focuses on audience measurement. We will explore the logistics of managing the world’s largest TV measurement panel in India, how the first fruits of the new Singapore TAM system are being harvested and a new cost-effective approach to expanding meter panel sizes. We will be looking beyond simple exposure to the implications of measuring ‘eyes on screen’ and getting updates from the global measurement companies on their latest developments and priorities.

Our final session examines total video measurement in practice. Over the last few conferences we have been able to track the evolution and implementation of new cross-platform video currencies, often referred to as ‘Total Video Measurement’ or ‘Total Content Ratings’. With some of these systems now launched and in the market, how is the industry accepting and using the data? Is it what the clients were hoping for? Are there winners and losers? What are the practical politics of introducing Total Video Measurement?

You can listen to a discussion about the possible future development of industry currencies in our latest asiCast.

You can view the agenda to this year’s APAC Television & Video Conference here.

Posted by asi
6th March 2018