Facebook and Out

We are living in a world of short attention spans, where detail is almost derided and tweets trump well-argued hypotheses.

So even though the implications of what Facebook did or didn’t do with data and who was to blame for harvesting the personal social media records of 87 million individuals will no doubt run and run – as should be the case, this stuff is important and complicated – most people (even Cog Bloggers) are keen to move on.

There was no better example of deflection than the industry’s digital and social champions ignoring the real issue and instead lining up to smirk at US lawmakers’ lack of knowledge of technology as they quizzed Mark Zuckerberg.

It would seem that what the guy knew or didn’t know, or what his business did or didn’t do is less significant than the fact that some ‘old guy’ didn’t know the ins and outs of social media. Snigger, snigger.

Meantime the media agency world kept schtum (whatever happened to thought leaders?). Or very largely schtum. In ‘Campaign’ Havas’ Matt Adams broke cover.

You have to wonder what drives Havas Media’s attitudes towards the largest media players sometimes. About a year ago the agency made a big deal about pulling its clients’ money from Google in the light of the brand safety YouTube fuss.

The then UK CEO, Paul Frampton was all over the media playing the ‘look how important we are’ card.

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Originally posted by Brian Jacobs on The Cog Blog at BJ&A
13th April 2018