(VIDEO) ABC TV/Accenture Study Find Understatement Of Multiplatform TV ROI

To quantify the “halo effect” that multiplatform television has on other digital advertising, ABC teamed with Accenture and examined $12 billion worth of ad spending. The advertising effectiveness project concluded that traditional media mix models have overstated the contribution of digital ROI and understated that of TV.

ABC and Accenture began by redefining what is TV and what is “digital,” according to Steve Whittington, Exec. Dir., Consumer Data & Analytics, Disney ABC TV Group. In the multiplatform TV bucket they placed long-form video experiences via live, DVR, VOD, online, app and OTT, while digital consisted of search, display and short-form video.

“One of the drawbacks around some of the studies that we’ve seen thus far is that they’re primarily based on syndicated data,” Whittington says in an interview with Beet.TV following a presentation at the recent 6th Annual Cross-Platform Media Measurement & Data Summit of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement in Manhattan. “We also felt that it was time to readdress the way that we’ve defined the different media channels today.”

Among the findings: Multiplatform TV advertising amplifies paid search and display in particular, along with short-form video ad performance. Specifically, digital ROI was overstated by about 18% and the ROI for television was understated by about 10%. “It was sales that had been incorrectly attributed solely to digital when the reality was it is the effect of the two working together that was really driving that,” says Whittington.

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Originally posted by Andy Plesser at The Huffington Post
22nd February 2017

These ‘halo’ effects will be examined at the 2017 asi APAC Television & Video Conference on 11th-12th May, in Singapore.