• asiCast 102: The origin and role of the Global TV Group

    In this asiCast Brian Jacobs of BJ&A talks to Lindsey Clay, CEO of Thinkbox, about its work as the marketing body for commercial television in the UK and the origins and role of the Global TV Group she was instrumental in putting together and of which she is President. The… Read more

  • asiCast 101: Measuring out-of-home sports viewing in India

    India has many religions and the one that most Indians have in common is cricket. In the spring of 2019 the festival of the annual Indian Premier League coincided with the International Cricket Council’s World Cup competition and broadcasters were concerned that unreported audiences would result in substantial losses of… Read more

  • asiCast 100: Behind the scenes at asi

    As the centenary edition of our occasional series of podcasts approached, we decided an appropriate way to celebrate was to provide listeners with an insight into the early days of asi. To that end our Research Director Richard Marks interviewed Mike Sainsbury, the founder of the company, to ask about… Read more

  • asiCast 99: A ground-breaking solution for podcast measurement

    In this asiCast we invited Paul Kennedy, RAJAR’s Research Director, to talk with Stacey Goers, Senior Product Manager, Podcasts at NPR (National Public Radio) in the States. Paul discusses with Stacey RAD, (Remote Audio Data) the ground-breaking solution for podcast measurement she has been closely involved in developing over the… Read more

  • asiCast 98: Jane Clarke talks television attribution and cross-media measurement

    In this asiCast interview our Research Director, Richard Marks, talks with Jane Clarke,  Managing Director of CIMM (the Coalition for Innovative Media Management) in the US. Television attribution is a relatively new data science discipline that started in digital media measurement with Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) – but TV hasn’t always… Read more

  • asiCast 97: The prospects for the Britbox SVOD product

    Shortly after the announcement that the BBC and ITV were planning to launch their SVOD product Britbox, Richard Marks spoke with Nigel Walley, CEO of Decipher, about the project. It offers the best of British television (from the BBC and ITV) and the interview outlines the history behind the project.… Read more

  • asiCast 96: Will publishing survive until 2030?

    At the heart of publishing is the curation of information and whether the industry survives depends upon the type and quality of the information provided and the extent to which people will continue to be prepared to pay for it. In this interview Colin Morrison, publisher of the highly regarded… Read more

  • asiCast 95: News attribution on social media

    Many publishers regard Facebook and other social media as essential for extending their reach to audiences around the world. These news aggregating services are increasingly popular to consumers as a source. However, this extended reach comes at a cost to publishers as content is credited to the platform and attribution… Read more

  • asiCast 94: Quality over quantity in the attention economy

    Lumen has for a number of years used eye tracking to measure and predict visual engagement. This attention-tracking data was originally developed to help advertisers optimise their creative work but has now been developed to help assess the attention value of different media. In this asiCast Richard Marks speaks with… Read more

  • asiCast 93: FIPP’s James Hewes on tracking the growth of the online publisher subscription model

    Rooted very much in the magazine business, FIPP was initially set up as an opportunity for publishers to meet. In recent years it has evolved into an organisation that delivers knowledge and shares best practice across a wide range of media organisations with a cross-border international focus. You can gain… Read more

  • asiCast 92: Authentic communication in a mistrusting world

    Kantar recently published the latest iteration of its Dimensions research, which sets out to provide an overview of the changing attitudes of online, connected consumers over time. A mix of qualitative and quantitative data, the study seeks to establish key consumer trends and concerns across China, the US, Brazil and… Read more

  • asiCast 91: Katherine Page previews our Publishing & Data Conference in Lisbon

    In September, asi will be launching the International Publishing & Data Conference. This will sit alongside the International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences we have been organising annually over the last 28 years. The conference is a development of the widely respected Publisher and Data Research Forum… Read more

  • asiCast 90: The new BARB contract – preparing for the next 10 years

    In early April, BARB, the UK’s Television audience measurement currency, issued an RFP inviting tenders for two of its main research contracts. Drawing on priorities identified by its stakeholders and taking account of responses to its regular user survey, BARB’s CEO Justin Sampson outlines to our Research Director Richard Marks… Read more

  • asiCast 89: The future direction of Internet currencies

    Ten years ago, UK Online Measurement (UKOM) was established by the marketing community to set standards for online measurement across PCs, tablets and smartphones. It was felt there was a need to respond to the conflicting claims and counterclaims made by any number of players in the market, each of… Read more

  • asiCast 88: Measurement priorities for the European TV industry

    Last year a consortium came together to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the European television industry with particular reference to audience measurement, metrics and data. The consortium comprised Adobe Advertising Cloud, Alphonso, Sky and TVbeat and was supported by the egta (the European trade association for television and radio… Read more

  • asiCast Special Edition IV: What is ‘mobile’?

    In this last of our special series of asiCasts our Research Director Richard Marks continues his attempts to bring some clarity and definition to terms we use regularly in the media and communications industry. Here, in discussion with a number of industry thought leaders, Richard considers whether mobile should be… Read more

  • asiCast Special Edition III: Definitions – what do we mean by cross-platform reach, engagement and targeting?

    This is the third asiCast in our series looking at what we mean by the terms we use when addressing issues of vital significance to all involved in the media and communications industry. This time, our Research Director Richard Marks discusses with our group of industry experts definitions of the… Read more

  • asiCast Special Edition II: What is ‘television’?

    In this second asiCast Special looking at the definitions we need to agree upon when talking about the disruptive impact technology has had on the media industry, Richard Marks discusses with a number of industry thought leaders what we now mean by ‘television’. There remains considerable confusion around video consumption… Read more

  • asiCast Special Edition I: The death of ‘digital’?

    One of the frustrations felt by many who regularly attend our International Conferences is how the audience measurement community – and the wider marketing, advertising and communications industry – struggle to define the issues they are trying to settle. Language matters and the need to arrive at a common understanding… Read more

  • asiCast 87: It’s time to stress test hybrid measurement

    The development of hybrid measurement – combining digital census data with panel data – has made steady progress over the last few years and this progress has been tracked at our annual International Television & Video conference. In looking forward to the session he will be chairing at this year’s… Read more

  • asiCast 86: The video advertising challenge

    At last year’s asi conferences in Nice, Bob Hoffman (aka The AdContrarian), David Wheldon, President of the WFA and Andy Brown, Chairman and CEO of Kantar Media, discussed some of the challenges faced by advertisers and media agencies in the administration of their online spend and relations with the new… Read more

  • asiCast 85: Audience measurement and data analytics

    How can audience measurement specialists and data analysts work together to ensure video measurement is fit for purpose? In this asiCast our Research Director Richard Marks discusses this with Eija Moisala, Head of Smart Data and Audience Insights at the Finnish public broadcaster YLE. On the audience measurement side there… Read more

  • asiCast 84: Innovations in television and video

    As the technologies transforming all communications have converged, we need to revise our understanding of viewing behaviours. In this asiCast, our Research Director Richard Marks discusses with Nigel Walley, CEO of the Decipher consultancy, the challenges we face as an industry to find the language to pick our way through… Read more

  • asiCast 83: Audio and video streaming – the revenue challenge

    When our Research Director Richard Marks caught up with Zach Fuller, an analyst at MIDiA, he was curious to know what the hot topics currently concerning the music industry were. They all come down to streaming. There remain a lot of unanswered questions following the revenue switch from sales to… Read more

  • asiCast 82: Measuring the World Cup in Russia

    Interest in sport in general is not that high in Russia, but the excitement generated by the World Cup this summer transformed attitudes. Very many people who knew nothing about football became passionate fans. With all games broadcast live, most watched on TV but there were many who watched live… Read more

  • asiCast 81: The Netherlands launches tender for Total Media Audience Measurement

    Just a few days ago an eagerly awaited document was available for download. On July 2nd the organisations responsible for media research in the Netherlands issued a request for proposals to be submitted for the design and execution of an entirely new media audience measurement. This integrated audience measurement contract… Read more

  • asiCast 80: Are industry leaders in tune with consumer attitudes?

    The second year of Kantar Media’s Dimension study continues to track the different perspectives of the online experience of industry leaders on the one hand and connected consumers on the other. In this asiCast Brian Jacobs of BJ&A talks to Anna Reeves, Chief Marketing Officer at Kantar Media, about the… Read more

  • asiCast 79: Voice technology meets consumer behaviour

    In this asiCast Marie Stafford, Director of Consumer Intelligence, Trends and Insight at JWT, and Jeremy Pounder, Futures Director at Mindshare, talk to Brian Jacobs of BJ&A about the award-winning study they conducted across nine countries into the impact of the introduction of voice technology on consumer behaviour. How do… Read more

  • asiCast 78: How blockchain can benefit media measurement

    This asiCast is about blockchain. What does blockchain mean in terms of what it can do for us? Most of us have a sense that the technology holds a lot of promise, but many are unaware of the technical limitations that mean it is unlikely to realise its full potential… Read more

  • asiCast 77: Regulating best practice and driving creativity

    In this asiCast BJ&A’s Founder and CEO, Brian Jacobs, interviews Jon Wilkins, Chairman of the creative agency Karmarama. The interview was conducted before the recent WFA Global Marketer Week event in Tokyo at which Jon was speaking and which saw the launch of the advertiser trade association’s eight ‘Principles for… Read more

  • asiCast 76: Richard Marks previews asi APAC 2018’s session on data

    Mike Sainsbury, asi’s Chief Executive, interviews Richard Marks about his hopes and expectations for this year’s APAC asi conference. Richard is asi’s Research Director and will be chairing the Friday session on video measurement. Mike and Richard discuss how cross-platform measurement has three significant challenges. The ‘science’ of designing systems… Read more

  • asiCast 75: David Webb previews asi APAC 2018’s advertising session

    With the fourth annual asi APAC Television & Video Conference just around the corner, asi’s Research Director Richard Marks chats with David Webb. David is Turner Broadcasting’s Senior Director of Data & Insights APAC and chairs the Thursday afternoon session focused on video advertising. David previews his session and his… Read more

  • asiCast 74: Optimising audience measurement for sport

    When you’re in the business of evaluating sports rights you need to measure all forms of video however it is distributed. In this asiCast, asi’s Research Director, Richard Marks, talks with Klaus Michler, Managing Partner of Global MMK, about the main sources of data the company accesses for its world-wide… Read more

  • asiCast 73: The relative value of media – perception and reality

    A short while ago, the Radiocentre in the UK produced a piece of research that was unusual in that it was welcomed by virtually the whole industry. In this asiCast Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of BJ&A, speaks with the Radiocentre’s Director of Planning, Mark Barber, about the study, which… Read more

  • asiCast 72 – The case for programmatic

    In this asiCast Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of BJ&A, discusses the development of programmatic with Sanchit Sanga, Chief Digital Officer at Mindshare for the APAC and MENA regions. After setting out what he means by the term, Sanchit describes how he believes such problems as exist currently will be… Read more

  • asiCast 71 – Broadcasters, platforms and SVOD: a new relationship

    Over the last couple of years, consumer perception of both Netflix and Amazon as providers of high quality content has been steadily rising. In this asiCast our Research Director Richard Marks discusses with Guy Bisson, Research Director at Ampere Analysis, the different strategies being pursued by the two SVOD giants… Read more

  • asiCast 70 – Interactive marketing: from dial-up to broadband and beyond

    For many years Rob Norman was Chief Digital Officer at Group M where he still remains involved in an advisory capacity. In this interview, Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of BJ&A, is interested in exploring with Rob, an early adopter of the opportunities afforded by digital, the most significant changes… Read more

  • asiCast 69 – Three possible futures for the industry currencies

    A short while ago GfK conducted a roundtable discussion into the views of industry players as to the likely future development of media currencies. Richard Marks, asi’s Research Director, starts off this interview by asking GfK’s Vice President of Media Measurement, Stefan Heremans, what it was that surprised him most… Read more

  • asiCast 68 – Advertising: a crisis of confidence

    A number of recent research studies have highlighted the public’s concerns with the media. It is clear that trust has declined seriously in the last few years and trust in advertising is part of this trend. The tracking technology increasingly used by the advertising industry is also understood by the… Read more

  • asiCast 67 – Implications of GDPR for audience measurement

    Later this year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced in the European Union. Across all Member States there will have been numerous meetings held by companies where executives have been trying to work out how these regulations will apply to businesses in their sector. In this asiCast… Read more

  • asiCast 66 – Advertising profitability: short- and long-term effects

    Towards the end of last year Thinkbox, the marketing body set up to promote television in the UK, published an innovative study into marketing and advertising effectiveness. The study was called Profit Ability and it outlined the business case for advertising. In this asiCast you can listen below to an… Read more

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