• asiCast 73: The relative value of media – perception and reality

    A short while ago, the Radiocentre in the UK produced a piece of research that was unusual in that it was welcomed by virtually the whole industry. In this asiCast Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of BJ&A, speaks with the Radiocentre’s Director of Planning, Mark Barber, about the study, which… Read more

  • asiCast 72 – The case for programmatic

    In this asiCast Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of BJ&A, discusses the development of programmatic with Sanchit Sanga, Chief Digital Officer at Mindshare for the APAC and MENA regions. After setting out what he means by the term, Sanchit describes how he believes such problems as exist currently will be… Read more

  • asiCast 71 – Broadcasters, platforms and SVOD: a new relationship

    Over the last couple of years, consumer perception of both Netflix and Amazon as providers of high quality content has been steadily rising. In this asiCast our Research Director Richard Marks discusses with Guy Bisson, Research Director at Ampere Analysis, the different strategies being pursued by the two SVOD giants… Read more

  • asiCast 70 – Interactive marketing: from dial-up to broadband and beyond

    For many years Rob Norman was Chief Digital Officer at Group M where he still remains involved in an advisory capacity. In this interview, Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of BJ&A, is interested in exploring with Rob, an early adopter of the opportunities afforded by digital, the most significant changes… Read more

  • asiCast 69 – Three possible futures for the industry currencies

    A short while ago GfK conducted a roundtable discussion into the views of industry players as to the likely future development of media currencies. Richard Marks, asi’s Research Director, starts off this interview by asking GfK’s Vice President of Media Measurement, Stefan Heremans, what it was that surprised him most… Read more

  • asiCast 68 – Advertising: a crisis of confidence

    A number of recent research studies have highlighted the public’s concerns with the media. It is clear that trust has declined seriously in the last few years and trust in advertising is part of this trend. The tracking technology increasingly used by the advertising industry is also understood by the… Read more

  • asiCast 67 – Implications of GDPR for audience measurement

    Later this year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced in the European Union. Across all Member States there will have been numerous meetings held by companies where executives have been trying to work out how these regulations will apply to businesses in their sector. In this asiCast… Read more

  • asiCast 66 – Advertising profitability: short- and long-term effects

    Towards the end of last year Thinkbox, the marketing body set up to promote television in the UK, published an innovative study into marketing and advertising effectiveness. The study was called Profit Ability and it outlined the business case for advertising. In this asiCast you can listen below to an… Read more

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