asiCast 170: Managing change in challenging times for the JICs

As the TV industry and the JICs it serves face a number of common challenges around the world, Richard Marks, asi’s Research Director, interviews the new CEO of OzTAM, Karen Halligan, about the integrated VOZ service introduced in Australia to the measurement of total TV at the beginning of the year.

The new VOZ service captures the total viewing of TV audiences and BVOD delivering overnight audiences to the market and was previewed at our 2022 conference. It is early days as it beds down into agency systems, and currently a matter of change management. What is VOZ showing about the total TV audience – does BVOD make up the lost linear audience?

Foxtel has recently declared that it is eager to explore the establishment of an alternative currency that in its opinion would better reflect its viewers. How does OzTAM interact with an organisation that is both a client and a competitor? There are always questions around how Return Path Data (RPD) can be incorporated into currency data – what are OzTAM’s views on the relationship of panel data to other data sets?

Foxtel has also invited other interested parties into a Video Futures Collective. With Netflix, Disney+ and other global streamers joining Thinkbox and Barb Audiences in the UK, would OzTAM also be willing to accept them as key members – either as subscribers or stakeholders?

Meanwhile, the launch of the IAB/OzTAM combined service to provide online video measurement is an interesting and important strategic move (referenced at our 2023 conference). Richard asks Karen how the relationship works in practice.

Karen will be detailing more about the important developments in OzTAM’s services at the 2024 asi International Television & Video Conference on 6th-8th November 2024 in Venice, Italy.

Karen Halligan talks with Richard Marks:

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