AGF and Google publish results of their collaboration on video consumption in Germany

Those who regularly attend our annual International Television & Video Conference will know the AGF and Google have been working together over a number of years to include measurement of additional video consumption on other platforms within the AGF’s existing framework.

They have recently announced the first results of this collaboration. As AGF’s Managing Director Kerstin Niederauer-Kopf says ‘Everyone involved knows that we need to work continuously on this internationally unique project to best reflect the differentiated use of the platform in this dynamically changing technological environment. AGF’s goal is to identify YouTube as a reliable, transparent partner in the AGF system, in line with the common market standard.’

For its part, this would seem to be the first fruits of the efforts Google has been making to develop similar collaborative projects in a number of markets. Dirk Bruns, the Head of Video Sales in Germany commented ‘We are very proud to be able to present the first results together with AGF Videoforschung and hope that industry representatives from other countries will follow the example of the AGF.’

Further details of this important development and the extent to which similar progress is being made in other markets will be featured at this year’s asi International Television and Video Conference in Prague on 6th-8th November.

You can read details of the first results of this collaboration in this press release from the AGF.

Originally posted by asi
13th March 2019