The challenge of change – navigating streaming TV shifts

It is widely acknowledged that the television industry is in a period of significant change – regarded by Guy Bisson, Research Director of Ampere Analysis, as just as fundamental as the advent of moving pictures. In his presentation to delegates at this year’s asi International Television & Video Conference in Prague, Guy outlined how broadcasters should embrace this situation.

In his view, 2019 has been the year in which broadcasters have acknowledged this shift. The dramatic growth in SVOD in recent years relative to pay-TV is a clear indicator of why broadcasters are obsessed with streaming services. For the first time, broadcasters seem to have acknowledged a shift in viewing behaviour, with linear viewing over the last two years declining by 20 minutes a day. As content owners and device-led platforms seek to develop their own streaming services direct to consumers, so broadcasters have decided if they can’t beat them, they should join them with their own offers.

Guy outlines the opportunities this rapidly developing market presents, including possible changes to the SVOD business model to allow for the introduction of advertising supported VOD.