asiCast 102: The origin and role of the Global TV Group

In this asiCast Brian Jacobs of BJ&A talks to Lindsey Clay, CEO of Thinkbox, about its work as the marketing body for commercial television in the UK and the origins and role of the Global TV Group she was instrumental in putting together and of which she is President.

The overall objective of Thinkbox is to help advertisers and marketers get the best out of TV in all its forms. To that end, it engages in a great deal of research. One strand of this research looks at advertising effectiveness studies which demonstrate the long- and short-term profitability of TV advertising. The other main area of research looks at the impact of changing technology on TV viewing.

A few years ago, Thinkbox became aware that a number of what it regarded as misleading statistics emanating from the US were quickly getting international acceptance. Thinkbox recognised that partnerships with sister organisations in other markets would be helpful. Working initially through the egta, Thinkbox quickly sought to develop these partnerships further afield to make what had become an essentially European presence global.

Brian and Lindsey also discuss the recently-published egta Charter and the WFA cross-media initiative with which Thinkbox hopes TV will become a helpful partner as the process unfolds.

Thinkbox recently launched its Demand Generator, a tool which allows advertisers to explore how to optimise their media mix to drive increased profit. You can view the Demand Generator here.

To listen to the interview, press play below or click here.

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