Facebook to Sell 100% In-View Ads, Let Brands Fact-Check Video Ad Views

Entire Ads Will Need to Display to Count, but It Doesn’t Matter How Briefly

Advertisers’ viewability push has gotten Facebook to budge — at least a little.

Sometime later this year Facebook will begin letting advertisers only pay for an ad if 100% of it appeared on a person’s screen. But there’s no requirement on how long an ad would need to be in view before an advertiser is charged, according to a Facebook spokesman. The spokesman declined to comment on why Facebook isn’t placing a minimum requirement for how long an ad needs to be appear on screen for the view to count.

Since the 100% in-view buying option is only being extended to ads running in Facebook’s news feed — the only place where ads appear on Facebook’s all-important mobile site and apps anyway — the lack of a time limit could water down the option’s value to advertisers. If someone quickly scrolls through their news feed, a brand would need to pay for any ads that rush by because Facebook’s 100% in-view option only requires that the entire ad appear on the screen. In that case an ad had a chance to be viewed, if only a slim one.

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