asiCast 69 – Three possible futures for the industry currencies

A short while ago GfK conducted a roundtable discussion into the views of industry players as to the likely future development of media currencies. Richard Marks, asi’s Research Director, starts off this interview by asking GfK’s Vice President of Media Measurement, Stefan Heremans, what it was that surprised him most from the discussion. It turns out that there was a remarkable amount of consensus around three factors.

There was agreement that blockchain technology could make a contribution to the development of a media currency and certainly could go some way towards ensuring the transparency increasingly sought after by advertisers.

It was also recognised that the volume of data and the increasing number of walled gardens – each of which had their own way of looking at things – would result in agencies having an increased role in helping advertisers navigate through the ensuing chaos.

As a consequence of these developments, the role of Joint Industry Committees (JICs) will change. The high quality data of which they are the guardians for media planning will need to be available to other walled gardens and also for programmatic – ‘SuperJICs’ would need to gather all the data and ensure both quality and transparency.

An account of the findings from the roundtable will be presented by Morten Boyer, Managing Director of GfK (Australia and New Zealand) at the 2018 APAC Television & Video Conference in Singapore in May. This will lead into a panel discussion on the problems that need to be resolved in developing a total video currency.

You can also read the report on the roundtable discussion here.

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