Audience measurement in a time of crisis: no turning back

Over the last few weeks we have conducted a series of interviews with those responsible for maintaining media industry currencies around the world. There were video interviews with 18 senior executives responsible for the television and radio currencies across 10 countries whilst those we interviewed from the major measurement research companies covered nearly all major markets. All the interviews were conducted during lockdown and via Zoom from the 7th April to 12th May 2020.

We have put together three thematic overview videos, which you can view below:



From the measurement companies we would like to thank:

Toni Petra, EVP Media, Nielsen
Andy Brown, Global CEO and Chairman, Kantar Media
Rolf Müller, Global Director Business Development, GfK
Andrew Green, Global Head of Business Development, Ipsos
Chris Mundy, CEO, RSMB

From the currency clients we would like to thank:

Romil Ramgarhia & Derrick Gray – BARC,  India
Sylvano Lucchetti & Doug Peiffer – OzTAM,  Australia
Justin Sampson – BARB, UK
Kristian Tolonen – NRK, Norway
Tanja Hackenbruch – Mediapulse, Switzerland
Julien Rosanvallon – Médiamétrie, France
Pirjo Svedberg – MMS, Sweden
Frans Kok – NLO, Netherlands
Sjoerd Pennekamp – SKO, Netherlands
Ricardo Gomez-Insausti – Numeris, Canada
Davide Crestani – Auditel, Italy

You can access the full interview with each of the respondents here.

As many will know we regret very much that we felt we had to cancel this year’s International Radio & Audio and International Television & Video Conferences. We will be announcing a little nearer the time a virtual event we will be organising on the dates of these events – 4th – 6th November 2020.