asiCast 163: The likely impact of the US writers’ and actors’ strikes

With actors joining writers and striking in the US, we thought it would be a good idea to touch base with our West Coast correspondent Guy Bisson of Ampere Analysis to explore some of the implications.

Richard Marks, our Research Director, explores with Guy the main issues that are driving the writers’ action and looks to identify how far these are the same issues that the actors need to have resolved. Clearly the impact on the supply of scripted content will have been seriously compounded by the actors now getting involved. Just how significant will this interruption be if the dispute is resolved reasonably quickly – say by the end of the month? What if it continues until the end of the year – or beyond?

Will the action being taken in the US have any impact on productions underway in other countries? Given that some streamers have publicly said that they plan to produce less content anyway as they try to contain costs, maybe this interruption is quite welcome as it provides an excuse to switch to cheaper international productions and more non-scripted content. Who will be most affected by this – the US networks or the streaming platforms?

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Guy Bisson talks with Richard Marks:

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