asiCast 138: Recipes for effective media measurement

Video currency measurement is at a critical point at the moment as those who have been listening to our recent podcasts on the highly unstable situation in the US will know. With a number of alternative solutions being put forward, we thought it would be helpful to have a chat will Bill Harvey, Chairman of Research Measurement Technologies about the current situation and the relative merits of the tools being used. Bill pioneered the development of Set Top Box data for audience measurement and has had an extensive career in the various approaches to US video measurement.

Whereas in the past audience measurement researchers might have been thought of as farmers gathering data from carefully tended crops, now they would seem to act much more like chefs looking to combine a range of ingredients from different sources. How can these various ingredients be used and what should chefs take care of when combining them?

How does Return Path Data contribute to the mix? Does data from SMART TVs or CTVs present different challenges? Are panels more important than ever? Could ‘attention’ become an essential ingredient to planning and trading currencies? Is it a realistic goal to move beyond simple exposure metrics to record outcomes? How ready are we to accept fusion and modelling as the secret sauce that blends the recipe together? What about the talk of multiple currencies in the US – is this likely to be the way forward or a recipe for confusion?

Bill Harvey talks with Richard Marks:

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