Finland: A Radio App That Does More Than You’d Expect

When you’re developing an app for your station it’s really easy to get away with as little as possible. A live stream, a big logo, maybe some “now playing” information… job done.

However, the Finnish media company Nelonen Media set their target a little higher when they built their new app, called Supla.

They put all their radio stations in there: live and on-demand. They own a TV channel, too, and realized that they could also put selected TV shows as audio within the app. You could easily do this with things like American Idol, for example, or most game shows. And then they added additional live audio channels, like extra sports commentaries.

Then it gets more interesting still: because they’ve invested in their own “Supla original” content that you can only get within the app. One of them, a book show, has already had over a million listens – not bad for a country with only 5.4 million people.

Flushed with that success, they’re adding audio books, as well as independent podcasts. And this marks the real difference between Supla and other radio apps – because, as they say, it isn’t a radio app. Instead it contains everything AUDIO that listeners wish to consume.

…

Originally posted by James Cridland at RadioFuturescope
16th February 2016