Radio and podcast trends across the world – same, but different?

At this year’s International Radio & Audio Conference in Prague, Radio Futurologist James Cridland outlined the changes and developments the radio industry had been through over the years, stressing the flexibility it had always shown. As a consequence, and to the surprise of many people, a great number of people still listen to radio.

However, it was suggested to delegates attending the conference that there may be a danger that radio is becoming complacent. With different forms of audio being consumed in many ways and with different devices having their own patterns of behaviour associated with their use, listening to the radio by younger audiences is in sharp decline. The latest figures for radio listening in the UK recorded the lowest ever numbers both in terms of reach and hours per listener.

When certain daily news podcasts threaten to break the habit of listening to the radio in the morning, maybe it is time for the industry to radically rethink its output.