Ofcom Media Nations Report UK 2021

Key trends in the UK media sector

This is Ofcom’s fourth annual Media Nations report, a research report for industry, policymakers, academics and consumers.

In the UK the media regulator Ofcom has just published its annual Media Nations report. The main objectives of the report are to review key trends in the media sector and set out how audiences are served in the UK. Ofcom adopts a cross-platform perspective, including broadcast TV and radio, as well as digital delivery including online video and audio streaming.

As in previous years, the report is accompanied by an interactive report containing an extensive range of data.

Chapter one focuses on video consumption trends, looking at linear and online viewing and how further lockdowns have affected viewing habits.

Chapter two reviews the online video landscape, outlining the increased presence and impact of online in the video sector.

Chapter three studies industry revenue, with a particular focus on how the media advertising industry continues to evolve, and how it was affected by Covid-19.

Chapter four looks at content investment and production, looking closely at how the pandemic has affected both producers and commissioners of TV programming.

Chapter five analyses key metrics in the radio and audio sector, including a discussion of ongoing and emerging trends such as podcast listening and smart speakers.