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  • asiCast 89: The future direction of Internet currencies

    Ten years ago, UK Online Measurement (UKOM) was established by the marketing community to set standards for online measurement across PCs, tablets and smartphones. It was felt there was a need to respond to the conflicting claims and counterclaims made by any number of players in the market, each of… Read more

  • AGF and Google publish results of their collaboration on video consumption in Germany

    Those who regularly attend our annual International Television & Video Conference will know the AGF and Google have been working together over a number of years to include measurement of additional video consumption on other platforms within the AGF’s existing framework. They have recently announced the first results of this… Read more

  • asiCast 88: Measurement priorities for the European TV industry

    Last year a consortium came together to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the European television industry with particular reference to audience measurement, metrics and data. The consortium comprised Adobe Advertising Cloud, Alphonso, Sky and TVbeat and was supported by the egta (the European trade association for television and radio… Read more

  • asiCast: The Definitions Box Set

    One of the most persistent problems we have come across at our annual conferences has been finding agreement on the precise meaning of the everyday terms we use to describe our business. We decided to make a start in trying to get agreement on some of the more difficult words… Read more

  • asiCast Special Edition IV: What is ‘mobile’?

    In this last of our special series of asiCasts our Research Director Richard Marks continues his attempts to bring some clarity and definition to terms we use regularly in the media and communications industry. Here, in discussion with a number of industry thought leaders, Richard considers whether mobile should be… Read more