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  • asiCast 95: News attribution on social media

    Many publishers regard Facebook and other social media as essential for extending their reach to audiences around the world. These news aggregating services are increasingly popular to consumers as a source. However, this extended reach comes at a cost to publishers as content is credited to the platform and attribution… Read more

  • The 2019 asi International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences

    6th-8th November 2019, Prague, Czech Republic We will be publishing our full conference agendas in a few weeks, but even at this early stage we have been impressed by the sheer volume of proposals submitted and the range of issues that have been highlighted by our community. The agenda as… Read more

  • asiCast 94: Quality over quantity in the attention economy

    Lumen has for a number of years used eye tracking to measure and predict visual engagement. This attention-tracking data was originally developed to help advertisers optimise their creative work but has now been developed to help assess the attention value of different media. In this asiCast Richard Marks speaks with… Read more

  • asiCast 93: FIPP’s James Hewes on tracking the growth of the online publisher subscription model

    Rooted very much in the magazine business, FIPP was initially set up as an opportunity for publishers to meet. In recent years it has evolved into an organisation that delivers knowledge and shares best practice across a wide range of media organisations with a cross-border international focus. You can gain… Read more

  • Agenda for the 2019 asi International Publishing & Data Conference

    Context, cross-platform and cost: priorities for measurement? We are delighted to release the agenda to this year’s conference (below), which will be held on Thursday 12th to Friday 13th September in Lisbon, Portugal. This year’s International Publishing & Data Conference focuses on data at the heart of the publishing industry,… Read more