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  • Audience Measurement in 2020 – A Watershed Year

    In this first of two posts on his The Cog Blog, Brian Jacobs argues that 2020 will prove a watershed year for audience measurement as the industry seeks to resolve the cross-media challenge. The second looks to examine how this might be funded… The Cog Blog is nothing if not… Read more

  • Cost, value and how we should plan today’s TV

    Thinkbox’s Matt Hill explains how TV viewing has affected the price of advertising, what this means, and how advertisers now need to approach the medium People know the cost of everything and the value of nothing these days, don’t they? Well, certainly, cost has been a massive issue during the… Read more

  • The final pieces in the BARB jigsaw

    Now that it is reporting multiple-screen reach and time spent viewing, what are the final steps left for BARB to deliver full four-screen measurement? Earlier this week, the UK TV currency BARB started reporting programme reach and time spent viewing as the third phase of its Project Dovetail initiative. This… Read more

  • asiCast 103: The new UKOM contract – a step towards a cross-media measurement solution?

    Earlier this month we reported on the new contract for UK Online Measurement (UKOM) that has been awarded to Ipsos. We suggested at the time that this could play a significant role in any moves towards development of cross-media measurement – not least because a single-source multi-device panel will provide… Read more

  • The new UKOM online measurement contract: an important new piece in the cross-media jigsaw?

    The new contract for the UK Online Measurement (UKOM) has been awarded to Ipsos. Links to the full press release and FAQs are included below. This is a significant development, not just for online measurement but more widely. The new contract reflects the primacy of mobile devices, reducing the need… Read more