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  • asiCast 80: Are industry leaders in tune with consumer attitudes?

    The second year of Kantar Media’s Dimension study continues to track the different perspectives of the online experience of industry leaders on the one hand and connected consumers on the other. In this asiCast Brian Jacobs of BJ&A talks to Anna Reeves, Chief Marketing Officer at Kantar Media, about the… Read more

  • asiCast 79: Voice technology meets consumer behaviour

    In this asiCast Marie Stafford, Director of Consumer Intelligence, Trends and Insight at JWT, and Jeremy Pounder, Futures Director at Mindshare, talk to Brian Jacobs of BJ&A about the award-winning study they conducted across nine countries into the impact of the introduction of voice technology on consumer behaviour. How do… Read more

  • Planning for the 2018 asi International Conferences, Athens, Greece

    Detailed planning is now underway for this year’s conferences, to be held in Athens on 7th 9th November. As ever, we want to hear from you of any work you are engaged in that would be of interest to share with colleagues. Equally, there may be work or developments that… Read more

  • asiCast 78: How blockchain can benefit media measurement

    This asiCast is about blockchain. What does blockchain mean in terms of what it can do for us? Most of us have a sense that the technology holds a lot of promise, but many are unaware of the technical limitations that mean it is unlikely to realise its full potential… Read more

  • Are we moving to an all-IP media future?

    “We believe that the days when all media will be distributed over the internet are not too far away.” Those are the words of the BBC’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, the very nice Matthew Postgate, who made a long speech which the BBC has reproduced on its press site.… Read more