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  • asiCast 152: Early days for Netflix in ad-supported streaming

    It’s been a particularly interesting quarter for Netflix – the first since the launch of its advertising tier. In this podcast Richard Marks has a chat with Guy Bisson, Executive Director and co-founder of Ampere Analysis, who is a regular contributor both to this podcast and our conferences. Although it… Read more

  • asiCast 151: Currency measurement at a crossroads – business models and metrics

    We recently published some thoughts on the announcement of a new US measurement body which described itself as a JIC whilst not having the characteristics of JICs anywhere else in the world. Our commentary provoked a great deal of discussion and raised a number of questions about the US measurement… Read more

  • New Total TV advertising measurement to be launched in Finland

    TV currencies have been introducing the measurement of broadcaster VOD content and we have been tracking these at our conferences over the last decade or so. However, measurement of VOD advertising has been more challenging. New and varied approaches have been required to measure VOD advertising and ‘de-duplicate’ with broadcast… Read more

  • What does the US ‘JIC’ announcement actually mean?

    The seven key questions Since the announcement of the formation of a JIC in the US earlier this week, there has been much discussion within our asi community about what exactly this means. Is it really a JIC? What implications does this have outside the US? In this article we… Read more

  • Towards multiple currencies in the US

    Measurement in the US has always been challenging and in recent years there has been an accelerating period of change in the industry. For last year’s International Television & Video Conference in Nice we asked Jon Watts, Managing Director of CIMM, to give delegates an update on developments in the… Read more