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  • asiCast 56 – Content discovery: making the most of voice-assisted technology

    Improvements in voice-based technology promise to have a major influence on the way we interact with our radios and TVs – and most other household objects it would seem. Smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home are blazing a trail and for some this is welcomed as a… Read more

  • Radio Show: Radio Has What P&G Wants—Unmatched Reach

    After a decades-long absence, Procter & Gamble is back in business with radio. During a Radio Show panel Thursday afternoon, one of P&G’s top media and marketing execs said the company will increase its new plan to spend on radio—but the medium will need to deliver results to remain part… Read more

  • Eurosport audiences up 28% YoY

    Strong audiences at the IAAF World Athletics Championships and impressive ratings from the first two weeks of La Vuelta have contributed to a 28 per cent increase in average viewer numbers across the Eurosport Group in 2017 compared with the same point in 2016. The figures show Eurosport is increasing… Read more

  • asiCast 55 – Bob Hoffman on online advertising, surveillance marketing and ad tech

    Recently published in the US and due for publication elsewhere very soon, Badmen: How advertising went from a minor annoyance to a major menace is Bob Hoffman’s latest critique of online advertising. You can listen to Brian Jacobs’ interview with Bob about the issues raised in the book in this… Read more

  • CBS, ESPN, Turner and the incoming sports streaming wars

    Livestreaming sports content is already abundant but in the near future, three huge media companies—CBS, Disney-owned ESPN and Turner (which could soon be owned by AT&T)—will go head-to-head with separate services. ESPN’s plans have been in the works for some time but last week, Disney announced an expansion of its… Read more