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  • asiCast 38 – Giorgio Licastro weighs up techniques for radio measurement

    Whilst there is a great deal of interest in electronic measurement of radio audiences, the industry in the main is still driven by traditional methods based on diaries and recall. Some argue the accuracy and granularity of electronic measurement is far superior and that this is appreciated by the research… Read more

  • asiCast 37 – Tess Alps has serious questions for agencies and advertisers

    Why are advertisers and their agencies misallocating substantial amounts of advertising spending based on questionable data? This question was raised recently by Tess Alps, Chair of Thinkbox, the marketing trade body for commercial TV in the UK. Her article can be read here and in this asiCast with our Research… Read more

  • What Will Measurement Look Like in 2025? Nielsen Makes Its Prediction

    The TV industry still hasn’t completely figured out how to measure audiences in 2016, but that didn’t stop Nielsen from using the Advertising Week stage to make predictions about what measurement will look like in 2025. While technology and ad models will continue to evolve, reach and age and gender… Read more

  • BARC India appoints Jamie Kenney as Business Head – Digital

    BARC India has appointed Jamie Kenney as Business Head- Digital. The move is a part of BARC India’s plan of launching digital audience measurement in the country. An International Business Management graduate from University of South Florida, Kenney has a distinguished career in Digital measurement product rollouts from 18 countries… Read more

  • 53% of Europeans stream TV

    A Eurobarometer survey shows that a majority of Europeans, aged 15 to 45, use the Internet at least once a week to read the latest news (72 per cent), listen to music (63 per cent) and watch films or TV series (53 per cent). Nearly eight in ten use free… Read more

  • The End for Nielsen’s Paper-based TV Diaries

    Nielsen has set out plans to introduce all-electronic measurement for local TV ratings across all 210 of the USA’s designated market areas (DMAs) by mid-2017 – and to stop using paper-based TV diaries early the following year. In January, Nielsen discontinued using paper diaries to collect demographic data in 31… Read more

  • Nielsen Probes Viewers’ Minds: Finds They Are Distracted By Screens, May Not Comply With People Meters

    In a potentially alarming early warning signal for TV’s national advertising currency, an advanced neuroscientific study on the impact that “second screens” and other distractions have on people’s ability to view and engage with television found that the presence of a second screen might also impact the way Nielsen panelists… Read more