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  • asiCast 85: Audience measurement and data analytics

    How can audience measurement specialists and data analysts work together to ensure video measurement is fit for purpose? In this asiCast our Research Director Richard Marks discusses this with Eija Moisala, Head of Smart Data and Audience Insights at the Finnish public broadcaster YLE. On the audience measurement side there… Read more

  • ITV’s McCall: ‘SVoD in 2019’

    Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of ITV, has confirmed that the UK public service commercial broadcaster will launch an SVoD service at some stage in 2019, and would be enhancing its existing its existing ITV Hub AVoD service. Delivering a Media Mastermind Keynote at MIPCOM, McCall said the service would be… Read more

  • asiCast 84: Innovations in television and video

    As the technologies transforming all communications have converged, we need to revise our understanding of viewing behaviours. In this asiCast, our Research Director Richard Marks discusses with Nigel Walley, CEO of the Decipher consultancy, the challenges we face as an industry to find the language to pick our way through… Read more

  • Addressing the right questions

    ‘Addressable TV’ is here. Depending on who you talk to its either the future of TV advertising, or indeed its saviour, or probably both. Like most people, I’m very optimistic about ‘Addressable’. The potentials for media owners to maximise and increase their inventory by reducing wastage, as well as the… Read more

  • asiCast 83: Audio and video streaming – the revenue challenge

    When our Research Director Richard Marks caught up with Zach Fuller, an analyst at MIDiA, he was curious to know what the hot topics currently concerning the music industry were. They all come down to streaming. There remain a lot of unanswered questions following the revenue switch from sales to… Read more