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  • asiCast 74: Optimising audience measurement for sport

    When you’re in the business of evaluating sports rights you need to measure all forms of video however it is distributed. In this asiCast, asi’s Research Director, Richard Marks, talks with Klaus Michler, Managing Partner of Global MMK, about the main sources of data the company accesses for its world-wide… Read more

  • Facebook and Out

    We are living in a world of short attention spans, where detail is almost derided and tweets trump well-argued hypotheses. So even though the implications of what Facebook did or didn’t do with data and who was to blame for harvesting the personal social media records of 87 million individuals… Read more

  • asiCast 73: The relative value of media – perception and reality

    A short while ago, the Radiocentre in the UK produced a piece of research that was unusual in that it was welcomed by virtually the whole industry. In this asiCast Brian Jacobs, Founder and CEO of BJ&A, speaks with the Radiocentre’s Director of Planning, Mark Barber, about the study, which… Read more

  • Taking advantage of new usages – one television year in the world

    Between safe bets and innovative content trends, TV has kept its appeal and is taking advantage of new usages. Strong regional disparities and new forms of consumption Over the 95 countries analysed by Eurodata TV Worldwide in 2017 for its “One TV Year in the World” report, the global individual… Read more

  • 2018 asi APAC Television & Video Conference, May 10th-11th

    Total video in action: from script to screen Video audience measurement has never had a higher profile than at present. Intense debate focuses around the way in which video audiences are measured, defined, compared across platforms and verified. That’s because video in its myriad formats is the dominant form of… Read more