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  • asiCast 150: Joining forces to measure attention

    Cross-media attention data has been available for a while in the US from a combination of TVision’s TV panel data and Lumen Research’s Digital Attention data. A growing number of clients making use of this data has persuaded the companies to collaborate and set up panels to provide a similar… Read more

  • Putting a value on attention

    Yesterday (November 17th) Havas Media Group (HMG) announced that the company would be including attention data in its global identity-based planning platform. The Group’s proprietary Meaningful Media Planner (MMP) draws upon attention data from Lumen’s continuous eye-tracking panels to rank and score over 9,000 domains at a format level for… Read more

  • BARB and the walled gardens

    In the week when BARB started reporting Netflix viewing figures, Justin Sampson, BARB’s CEO, shared with delegates to the 2022 International Television & Video Conference his views on the significance of the development. You can watch Justin’s presentation and his discussion with the session chair, Pro TV’s Head of Research… Read more

  • Hybrid TV measurement presentation wins TV & Video award

    In the summer, the Swiss TV market switched to a hybrid measurement system integrating return-path data from digital set-top boxes into the existing TAM panel. This enabled Swiss TV research to measure the highly fragmented TV viewing in a granular and stable way without significant increases in costs. The preparation… Read more

  • Award-winning presentation on measuring headphone listening

    Headphone listening is gaining popularity among various audiences. Given headphone users cannot be directly metered, radio broadcasters are increasingly interested in understanding what and how much the audience listens to radio via headphones as media consumption becomes more personal. Nielsen is deploying a modelling procedure uniquely designed to give estimates… Read more