Agenda for the 2019 asi International Publishing & Data Conference

Context, cross-platform and cost: priorities for measurement?

We are delighted to release the agenda to this year’s conference (below), which will be held on Thursday 12th to Friday 13th September in Lisbon, Portugal.

This year’s International Publishing & Data Conference focuses on data at the heart of the publishing industry, data driving audience measurement, advertising effectiveness, content development and revenue models. It will be an essential event for all those involved in the production of publisher data and those who use that data to make vital business decisions.

Whilst significant challenges for newsbrand and magazine publishers remain, nonetheless there are reasons for optimism. It is becoming increasingly clear that, as opposed to simply managing a gradual transition from profitable print businesses to a less profitable and less differentiated online model, the future is a hybrid, cross-platform one in which print remains valued by many and coexists with publishers’ online efforts.

So how can newsbrands and magazines preserve and demonstrate their unique value to advertisers in such a complex and competitive eco-system? We highlight a number of initiatives that focus on the vital importance of context in enhancing the power of publisher advertising and the unique strength of newsbrands and magazines.

We will identify the specific challenges in the online battleground: the strategies needed to have an optimal relationship with digital platforms and social media that widens brand reach without losing brand attribution.

Can we identify, classify and understand newsbrand and magazine audiences in ways that optimise the delivery of content, but also bring publisher audiences to life for advertisers?

How can publisher data best interface with the digital eco-system, a world of APIs, DMPs and programmatic real-time ad placement and trading?

Meanwhile, the debate continues to rage about optimum business models, not just the blend of print and online but revenue models incorporating subscriptions, ad revenue or a hybrid of the two.

Above all, we face a measurement challenge, specifically the cost of tracking publisher brands across multiple platforms. How can we measure more for less? How can we expand currencies across platforms, whilst preserving robust measurement of hardcopy readership? What are pragmatic and acceptable compromises on survey quality?

How will the availability of census data and innovations like AI drive print measurement going forward?  Can developments in data science enable us to model more effectively readership of smaller publications? There seems to be a widening gap between newspaper and magazine requirements. Can this gap be filled or should they go their separate ways?

Is the future not just cross-platform measurement but cross-media measurement?

The emphasis in Lisbon will be on actionable insights from engaging data experts and users around the world. Our goal is to inspire delegates with new thinking and approaches, with insights you can take back to your own businesses and effect real change.

The 2019 International Publishing & Data Conference is generously sponsored by Ipsos and Kantar.




(This is an outline of the current programme. Timings and further details will be released shortly.)


DAY 1: Thursday 12th September 2019 – MORNING

Will publishing survive until 2030?
Chair: Colin Morrison, Consultant and Editor of Flashes & Flames

Will publishing survive until 2030?
Colin Morrison, Consultant

‘I read it on Facebook’ – the BBC News Attribution Study
Santanu Chakrabarti, BBC World Service

Editorial feedback in real time – what have we learnt?
Ludwig Zeumer, Lesewert

Panel session: Will publishing survive until 2030?

Platforms and digital platforms – partnership for profit
Chair: Colin Morrison, Consultant

The Global Digital Subscriptions Report
James Hewes, FIPP

From Viral to Tribal – the next frontier of publishing
Stuart Wilkinson, comScore

Panel debate: Platforms and digital platforms – partnership for profit


DAY 1: Thursday 12th September 2019 – AFTERNOON

Context matters: driving advertising effectiveness

The value of news
Denise Turner, Newsworks

Quality over quantity in the attention economy
Mike Follett, Lumen Research, and George Hopkinson, IAB UK

How to increase the effectiveness of native advertising
Britta Cleveland, Meredith Research Solutions, and Mickey Galin, GfK

Can classic research and new data put publishers ‘back in business’?
Peter Callius and Ingvar Sandvik, Kantar

Are new campaign formats from digital publishers effective?
Peter Hammer, Marketing Scientist Group

Panel debate: Context matters: driving advertising effectiveness

Total brand measurement across platforms

Integrated experiences: fusing print and online
Irena Petric, NOM, and Jim Collins, GfK

CN1: Total brand exposure – combining hardcopy, digital and social
Jim Collins, GfK

Panel debate: Cross-platform/total brand measurement


DAY 2: Friday 13th September 2019 – MORNING

Readership research techniques: more for less?
Chair: Richard Marks, asi

More for less! More for less? Optimizing the Swiss NRS system
Harald Amschler and Jella Hoffmann, WEMF

Online survey panels – what are they good for?
Steven Millman, MRI-Simmons

Online first or online second? – the added value of mixed mode surveys
Neil Farrer and Scott Jakeways, Ipsos

Evolving print metrics – two recent initiatives
Risa Becker, MRI-Simmons

Panel debate: Readership research techniques: more for less?

The future of measurement
Chair: Richard Marks, asi

Measurement or modelling?
Mario Paic, Ipsos, and Katherine Page, Consultant

Unlocking the potential of Digital Audience Measurement
Karin Schut, Vinex, and Jonathan Brown, Kantar 

Measuring reading alongside viewing and listening: the new Dutch Total Media Audience Measurement
Irena Petric, NOM

Artificial Intelligence: opportunities and challenges for audience measurement
Mainak Mazumdar, Nielsen

Panel debate: The future of measurement


DAY 2: Friday 13th September 2019 – AFTERNOON

Key developments around the world
Chair: Katherine Page, Consultant

Review of significant changes underway in a number of markets
Katherine Page, Consultant 

Creating gold standards in face-to-face research: the Indian Readership Survey
Ashish Karnad and Dolly Jha, Nielsen

Meeting the measurement challenge of a new digital world
Nicolas Cour and Gilbert Saint-Joanis, ACPM

Building the pillars for a new cross-media and consumer insights measurement platform in Canada
Pat Pellegrini, Vividata

Panel debate: Key developments around the world


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