Diary dates: 2021 asi International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences

asi is putting together this year’s Conferences, which will be held on 1st to 5th November 2021. Now is the time to give us your thoughts to help us in the planning. We are keen to know the themes and issues you feel should be featured and any projects or initiatives you are involved in which may be of interest to the asi community.

This year’s conferences will be, once again, run online. We are looking to bring everyone back together as soon as possible but feel it is not yet a practical option for our community around the world. This year’s virtual event will allow the community to come together – albeit online – and help us through to the 2022 conference which we are planning as a return to a physical event, all being well. Until then, our virtual programme will give plenty of opportunity for those attending to share research and experiences and to engage with speakers and panellists in Q&A sessions.

As before, we are planning to run five two-hour sessions, from 1st to 5th November. These shorter, more focused sessions worked well last year and made for a committed audience with high levels of attention and engagement. Across the five days we will also release additional material – video interviews and presentations related to each session. You can remind yourselves of last year’s event here.

We currently have in mind the following sessions for 2021:

Monday 1st November – Audio

Tuesday 2nd November – Content and distribution

Wednesday 3rd November – Advertising

Thursday 4th November – Measurement science

Friday 5th November –  Cross-media measurement

Cross-media measurement initiatives remain the subject of heated debate, new measurement contracts are being contested and awarded, metrics beyond exposure are championed and alternatives to face-to-face interviewing have leapt up the agenda. Your early guidance has been vital in shaping past events, so please do let us know your thoughts on content before you depart on summer holiday.

We look forward to discussing themes and topics for the event with you over the next couple of weeks.

You can email us at admin@asiconferences.com or go to our Contact page on the website. Let us know your thoughts!

Details for registering will be released later in the year so put the dates in your diary and please do not try to register before then.