asiCast 119: The Dutch TMAM contract – what’s it all about?

The Nationaal Media Onderzoek team putting together this cross-media initiative: (from left to right) Sjoerd Pennekamp of SKO, Irena Petric of NOM, Johan Smit of PMA, Frans Kok of NLO and Karin Schut of VINEX.

It’s been a long time coming, but the TMAM decision has finally been made and agreed and we now know what the combined measurement system in the Netherlands is going to look like.

We’re very grateful to Johan Smit, Director of Platform Media Adviesbureaus (PMA), who has been driving this project forward over the last few years and Frans Kok, Director of  Nationaal Luister Onderzoek (NLO), who took time out to talk with our Research Director, Richard Marks, about this initiative.

The interview seeks to look at the various elements of this important new service (claimed by Kantar and Ipsos to be ‘the world’s first true cross-media total audience measurement solution’) and determine what is being done and by whom. In respect of TV and video, what will be covered – Netflix?, Google and Facebook? And will radio include podcasts and Acast, Spotify and other streaming services? For newspapers and magazines, will online display be covered and will ‘online’ itself be shared across the contracts? How will outdoor and cinema be covered?

An ambitious project of this sort depends upon a great deal of collaboration across the research companies and no doubt both Kantar and Ipsos have prepared extensively for this. Many will think it brave to launch such an innovative new service during a global crisis, especially one which may carry on for years. Will this new model and the synergies it promises reduce the amount stakeholders have to pay, and is the funding model future proof?

Of course, since this project was first conceived, there has been the announcement of the World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) cross-media initiative, due to be stress-tested in the UK later this year with the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers’ (ISBA) Project Origin. How does TMAM align with this?

For those of you reading this before April 14th, you can attend a Webinar explaining this research project. Click here to register for the 09:00 webinar; OR here for the webinar at 15:00 (both British Summer Time).

Richard Marks talks with Johan Smit and Frans Kok:

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