asiCast 127: Putting a value on attention

There has been a great deal of interest in levels of attention paid to advertising in recent months. Much of the session devoted to advertising at our annual International Television & Video Conference last November was devoted to it when the question was raised as to whether, beyond exposure, it was time for an attention-based gold standard to be introduced.

A few weeks ago, Dentsu published work on attention and, in this asiCast, Brian Jacobs of BJ&A (who chaired the conference session in November) interviews Martin Vinter of Ebiquity about Ebiquity’s own study drawing on the work of both Lumen and TVision. By bringing together for the first time Ebiquity’s cost data, Lumen’s data on attention to online advertising and TVision’s data on attention to TV, the attempt is to put forward an advertising attention currency – ‘aCPMs’.

Martin talks to Brian about Ebiquity’s involvement with the project and explores what they hope to achieve with it. Will attention metrics be used in future to assess agency performance and will aCPMs be a metric used in agency pitches run by Ebiquity – and, if so, how? If aCPMs are going to be a part of the industry’s measurement currency, how are they to be validated?

Some further questions in respect of attention are placed in a wider perspective by Brian in the recent edition of his well-respected The Cog Blog.

The Attention Council June Summit ‘The impact of attention on brand outcomes’ is scheduled for tomorrow, June 16th. You can register here.

Martin Vinter talks with Brian Jacobs:

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