UK viewers doubled amount of time spent streaming TV in 2015

Typical British viewer last year watched about 77 minutes a week of shows on services such as Netflix and Amazon, although traditional TV is still king

The popularity of services such as Netflix and Amazon surged last year with the typical British TV fan almost doubling the amount of time spent watching programmes.

The typical British TV viewer watched about 77 minutes a week of shows on subscription video-on-demand services, primarily Netflix and Amazon Prime, in 2015.

This was almost double the 40 minutes a week watched on average in 2014, according to a report published on Thursday by TV industry marketing body Thinkbox.

While the growth rate in the popularity of the TV industry upstarts was impressive, the figures show traditional TV is still king.

Subscription video-on-demand services such as Netflix only accounted for 4% of the 4 hours and 35 minutes per day – 32 hours per week – of video content the average person watched last year.

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Originally posted by at the Guardian on 10th March 2016