Second-Screen Behavior Now a ‘Way of Life’ for Consumers, GfK Reports

GfK’s new study, “How People Use Media: Primetime TV 2015,” released in September, found that 70% of consumers who view streaming TV during primetime simultaneously engage in other activities. The percentage of multitasking viewers is similar across all segments of TV watching, including live TV (69%), DVR (70%) and online streaming through a TV (71%).

According to the study, adults age 18 to 34 multitask the most—73%—during primetime, versus 66% each for viewers in the 35-to-49 age group and the 50-to-64 age group. Twenty-four percent of multitaskers listed talking, either in person or on the phone, as a common activity while watching primetime TV. Twenty-nine percent report using the Internet while watching primetime, and 30% listed eating/snacking as another multitasking behavior.

“Although multitasking while using a TV set has been common for many years, the digital ‘second screen’ is now a way of life for many consumers,” David Tice, senior vice president of GfK’s media and entertainment team, said in a press release. “Increased purposeful viewing provides opportunities for tapping into deeper engagement among key audiences and in certain contexts. But advertisers and agencies also need to keep experimenting with the ways to make the most of ‘TV plus’ activities, reaching their most important customers on more than one screen through creativity and highly motivating messages.”

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Originally posted by Melody Udell, Marketing Insights, at AMA
6th October 2015