Global enters US ad market with new acquisition

Global enters US ad market with new acquisition

AudioHQ’s Matt Cutair and Jeff McCarthy will head up DAX in the US

Global has acquired US-based digital audio ad sales company, AudioHQ, making DAX the largest digital audio advertising platform in the world.

The media and entertainment group will now have offices across the US in locations including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit as AudioHQ – one of the biggest aggregators of digital audio inventory in the US – is rebranded to DAX.

The move brings an audience of 130 million to DAX, giving advertisers access to a total of 160 million people worldwide. Publishers with inventory already on the AudioHQ roster include Slacker, Major League Baseball, TuneIn and SoundCloud.

“We launched DAX in the UK in 2014 to offer advertisers a simple way to reach the growing number of people consuming digital audio,” said Stephen Miron, Global’s group CEO.

“In the past three years, demand from advertisers has intensified as the audience has grown and we’ve continued to innovate to keep DAX ahead of the market. A natural next step for us was to take DAX to the US. DAX has revolutionised the digital audio advertising market in the UK, and we’re confident it will be a huge success in the US. For Global, this acquisition is a significant milestone as we enter the US advertising market.”

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Originally posted by Ellen Hammett at Mediatel Newsline
16th October 2017

Global’s Director of Commercial Digital, Oliver Deane, will be speaking at the 2017 asi International Radio & Audio Conference on 8th November in Nice, France.