asi/ESOMAR webinar – videos now online

To coincide with the launch of our series of videos looking at the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on media measurement, we teamed up with ESOMAR to conduct two ‘Community Circle’ meetings for different time zones via Microsoft Teams on 19th May. We were delighted to have over 230 people attend across both sessions and you can now see a video recording of each below. The presentation from asi‘s Richard Marks and Mike Sainsbury is largely the same for both time zones, but the discussion afterwards is different and may interest those who didn’t attend that session. You can download a pdf of the charts from the presentation – minus the video inserts – here.

Our thanks to all those who took part – either as video interviewees or taking part in the debate afterwards. Our thanks, too, to ESOMAR for hosting and arranging the event. You can read more about ESOMAR COVID-19 Community Circles on the ESOMAR website.

Community Circle – Media and audience measurement 10:30 CET session

Community Circle – Media and audience measurement 17:30 CET session

Originally posted by asi
9th June 2020