Data Driven Video & Audio – is measurement ready for prime time?

2018 International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences

7th – 9th November 2018, Athens, Greece

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The agenda for Athens is well underway and we will be publishing the full running order in early September. As ever, the conferences are shaped by the asi community and, based on your feedback, important themes are emerging.

Data has now moved centre stage, driving every aspect of video and audio businesses, with IP-delivery enabling direct relationships with viewers and listeners. It has never been more highly prized, which is great news for our industry – but does mean that the pressure is on:

  • to ensure that the data is of the highest quality and is compliant with new data legislation like GDPR;
  • that it meets client needs;
  • that measurement keeps pace with consumer behaviour.

Is all measurement still ‘fit for purpose’ and able to meet the challenge? Are the measurement companies focusing their development in the right areas?

A core theme in Athens will be collaboration:

  • Broadcasters are coming together to meet the SVOD challenge, with talk of new initiatives for cross-broadcaster services in UK, France and Germany.
  • Currencies are coming together to align measurement across audio, video and text. Is the Dutch Total Media Audience Measurement initiative likely to be a trend-setter?
  • Hybrid methodologies are requiring increased collaboration between rival research agencies and external data suppliers. Do clients really want measurement companies to be ‘one stop shops’ providing an end-to-end service, or are they just cherry-picking what each company is best at?

Meanwhile we will be looking at the reality behind the hype when it comes to:

  • Blockchain – a game changer for currency measurement?
  • Voice assistants – a boost for radio? A revolution in content discovery for video?
  • What can eye-tracking contribute in measuring attentiveness to screens? Is it a potential new advertising currency or just a ‘value add’?
  • Streaming – how similar are the Netflix and Spotify business models? What can the video industry learn from audio and vice-versa?
  • World Cup 2018 – how successful was it in viewing terms and how was it watched across platforms?
  • Are there any new technological game changers coming down the line that will fundamentally alter how video and audio are consumed by audiences?
  • How effective are the new advertising opportunities made possible by IP-delivered radio and TV services?
  • What impact have podcasts had on audio listening?

Conference Venue: Athenaeum InterContinental Athens

We are delighted to be bringing the conferences to Athens for the first time this year and have chosen the Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel for its comfort, excellent conference space and location within easy reach of Athens’ historic centre. We have already had a lot of interest in the event so are happy to be able to release the hotel’s booking details early. Details can be found on our Delegate Booking page or you can book straight away by clicking on the dedicated link:

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The 2018 International Radio & Video Conference is sponsored by GfK and Triton Digital. The International Television & Video Conference is sponsored by Nielsen.